Uncommitted Nudism vs Committed Nudism

Membership in national nudist/naturist organizations has declined substantially over the past 20 years. Yet the nude tourism industry is growing and more and more people are exposing themselves on social media. The UK Daily Mail reports, “Officials forced to release rules about stripping off at sacred sites as trend for naked travel snaps takes off around the world.

I’ll bet that none of these strippers for social media consider themselves nudists or naturists. Just like the people I meet at our local skinny dip hole, they don’t consider themselves nudists. They just like to be naked in an outdoor setting.

So what’s the difference between committed nudism and uncommitted nudism. It’s pretty obvious. Committed means you subscribe to a “philosophy of nudism” and join organizations that promote the philosophy. Uncommitted means that you don’t subscribe to a “philosophy of nudism,” and you don’t belong to any organization that promotes that philosophy. You don’t consider yourself a nudist or naturist. You just know that it feels good to be naked and you look for opportunities to be nude in and outdoor setting. The people who post nude pictures of themselves at famous travel destinations on social media are just saying it’s fun to be naked.

As a nudist resort you have to ask yourself who do you want to market to – a declining group of people, or a group that is growing? Laguna del Sol, near Sacramento, recognizes this. For years the resort has had a NudeStock event. Having attended this fun gathering I can tell you that the crowd was pretty much made up of old time committed naturists. Then a couple of years ago the marketing staff took note of the success of Burning Man where nakedness is common. Now, in addition to NudeStock, Laguna del Sol hosts NakedMan. My husband and I love this event which attracts a much younger crowd. Last year, while sitting in the hot tub with a group of revelers, I asked a couple what they thought of AANR. They didn’t know what I was talking about.

And these are the kind of people that my web site, BeachNude, is oriented towards. People, over 50,000 a year, who just want to find out where they can get naked in a fun and safe environment.

How Fast Can You Run Naked?

Check out this blog that helps people find and enjoy their first outdoor nude recreation experience.
In their latest blog they tell you where can find out How Fast You Can Run a 5K Naked.

The writers of this blog are like us in that they don’t consider themselves nudists. Like my husband and I they just enjoy being naked in the outdoors. It feels good. No need to subscribe to some philosophy.

Nude Beaches – Nudist Organizations Have Failed

It’s a paradox.  Popular magazines list the world’s best nude beaches. Reality T.V. gives us programs on nudists searching for homes in nude communities and nude people trying to survive in the wilderness.  Yet beaches that have been clothing optional have been closed to nude use.  On Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island National Seashore in New York a no nudity law is now enforced.  For several years a no nude use ban has been effect at San Onofre State Beach in California.  Nudity at Mazo Beach in Wisconsin may be banned if the Department of Natural Resources has its way this summer (2014). How can it be that while our media promotes sexiness and companies market their products with names like Naked……..that on the other hand beaches that have long been clothing optional are being shut down?

Clearly the national nudist organizations AANR – American Association for Nude Recreation and TNS – The Naturist Society have been ineffective in their efforts to keep open these  beaches that have been clothing optional for decades.  Perhaps the problem is that these organizations have been reactive.  What is needed is a proactive legislative strategy. What has been happening is that a bureaucrat comes on the scene who finds nudity on a beach objectionable.  Then he/she comes up with findings that there are criminal activities on the beach and uses that justification to close the beach to nude use.

Here’s what the superintendent of Fire Island has written about why Lighthouse Beach is now no longer clothing optional:

On Lighthouse beach in particular, the dense visitation invited by the previously-designated “clothing optional beach” presented not only a visitor use conflict, but created a public safety hazard due to the lack of adequate facilities for trash and human waste, in addition to the dense recreation on a non-lifeguarded beach. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy leveled the dunes in this area, which increases the visibility of the beach from other public use areas, and creates added habitat for sensitive species in the area. Finally, park employees have observed an increase in criminal activity in the designated clothing-optional areas, but have been unable to appropriately manage this activity despite significant attempts at education and enforcement.

So, rather than provide adequate enforcement and safety measures for the people using Lighthouse beach, the solution is to close it to nude use. The implication is that nude beach goers are trouble makers.  The real truth is that the clothing optional policy attracted lots of people. With lot’s of people you have more problems. A simple solution is to charge a separate fee to visit a clothing optional beach. Then use those funds to provide adequate safety and facilities for the people using the beach.

It’s clear to me that the real reason Lighthouse beach and San Onofre have been closed to nude use and why Mazo is threatened with closure is that the bureaucrats in charge are offended by public nudity. We have to take these management decisions away from the prudes. We need legislation at the city, county, state, and federal level that designates specific beaches as clothing optional. Visitors to these beaches must have the same level of services and protection as is afforded to people visiting textile beaches.

At Lady Gaga Concert – I’m Not Naked but……

We just drove by the SAP Pavillion in San Jose California to check it out before the Lady Gaga concert tonight. My husband and I have never been to one of her concerts.  I was amazed at the people already lining up around the SAP pavilion by 1:30 P.M. The concert doesn’t start till 7:30 P.M.  Neither of us were sure of just what to wear. Well, I’m not naked but I could have been almost naked for this concert. Even this early I saw many ladies almost naked in their costumes for the concert. Oh my gosh, costumes. Never occurred to us.  Well what do you expect? My husband is 72 and I’m 70.  My last concert was with Elvis. Yes, the real Elvis. That was back in the 50’s. Oh, and my husband did see a Neil Diamond concert back in the 80’s.

So what are doing here? We both love Lady Gaga. Think she is brilliant. We love to dance to her music. We have all of her albums. Our kids gave us these tickets as a Christmas present. I we ever go to another of her concerts I will wear less clothes. Maybe not naked,but who knows. I’m so impressed with these young people and all the different costumes they’re wearing. It’ll be a real hoot to see all of them tonight. I wonder if we’ll be the oldest people there. I don’t care though.

I’ll write more after the concert.

Hawaii Nude Beach

Trip Report to a Hawaii Nude Beach

I came across this trip report on a Native American’s visit to a nude beach on Oahu.

Best Oahu Hawaii Nude Beach

Polo Beach – Oahu

I am a Native American, Plains Indian who recently moved to Hawaii. I searched the internet, after learning in April 2003 that my partner and I had 5 weeks to pack up and move to Oahu. Our plan was to move to Maui, but sidetracked was by another offer of transfer. As I heard Oahu was the most populated of the islands of Hawaii, I was concerned we could not sunbath and swim in the nude.

Searching the Internet, we read Don’s article in this web site about Polo beach on the North Shore of Oahu. We looked on every map, but could find no listing of a Polo Beach. We eventually went to the north shore in serach of Polo Beach and finally found a couple of local ladies who could tell us where the beach was located.

To our surprise, even on weekends we were free to swim and sunbathe in the nude. As my girlfriend and I are completely shaved, and quite attractive, we have to be careful where we take our clothes off.

The nude beach is just before Polo Beach, you can see the cars parked in the
grass on both sides of the road just before Polo. Polo itself is private, but the beach and public access just before are public. Always leave your vehicle either unlocked, or windows and convertible top down. We drive our 40K new sports car there and haven’t had a problem.

Another piece of advice, instead of walking in on the main beach
access, park your car just past the bridge, the route is shorter and from the crest of the beach, depending on where you park, you can view your car or hear the alarm if it sounds.

When you enter the public right of way, If you are gay, I suggest going right all the way. If you’re a couple then I suggest staying to the left, for you will find others just like you. Watch out for the occasional as I say, “bushwhacker,” for every nudist beach has them. Stay by or near others who are like you. The gays pretty much are only looking for others like themselves, but will sometimes sit by a lone male. They’re not a bother to a single female or couple.

The swimming is great, no jellyfish and the cove is protected by a fantastic reef with little or no current. Even a novice swimmer will feel safe here, which is amazing for the North Shore of Oahu. The sand is also fantastic and as long as you don’t walk out to the road nude, you will be 100% ok for nude sunbathing.

When you are done sunbathing, head down the road past Polo Beach, where they play Polo on Sundays, and within 2-3 minutes, you will be at a state park where you can camp for free 7 days a week and use the shower and bathroom. I have found this place to be incredible.

Remember to be always Aloha, being friendly, but you don’t need to invite them into your camp and they will watch out for you. When you finish your trip, if you have left overs, or extra ice, etc. Offer it to those who are camping and you will find your next stay even better.

Just yesterday, my beautiful angel and I enjoyed the beach, even though maybe over a 100 individuals were enjoying the ocean and the beach, we were in our regular spot and had almost 200 yards to ourselves.

As we entered late, normally I like to be there by myself between 7am-9am, for generally it’s only me and some of the locals who watch the beach daily. Yesterday, we arrived around 12pm.

Tina was hit by the most awesome wave, broke right over her head, 25-30 yard out, and if she hadn’t dove into it, she would have been crushed. We love that cove, yet as it’s winter now, we must be just a little more wary. The benefit is no current, for the novice swimmer as long as they ask a local, they will be 100% ok.

Just friendly words. I normally tell my angel, we won’t stay late watching the sunset, for the beach generally clears around 4pm and those who wish to conduct themselves in what I consider not appropriate behavior, take over. Yesterday as we got there late, we stayed later. Again, my instincts were correct. Two couples on the main beach were engaging in show and tell, and another two single males headed into the forest. To Tina’s surprise, they were having sex. Had they shown a little more discretion, it would have been 100% ok.

Only 1 Hawaiian family with two little girls, who were all clothed were on the beach yesterday. We asked permission before we set up our location. As I like, other responsible nudists, wish never to offend, just to enjoy the sun, good company and swim as God made us.


(Editor’s note) – It’s open sexual behavior that makes some people want to shut down beaches where there is nudity. You should be aware that there are no “legal” nude beaches in Hawaii. On some beaches, like this one, nudity is tolerated by the officials but only so long as users of the beach behave in a responsible manner. That means no sexual activity on the beach.

Black’s Nude Beach – A Poem

I came across this poem the other day about a woman’s first day at Black’s nude beach in San Diego, CA

Budda Bing – A Nude Beach Poem

She wanted to do something wild I’ll admit With conservative me, in the buff near a cliff? So off on this expedition of a dare we two went To begin an adventure 1 mile steep this descent.

Not informed about sides of craggy mountain bluffs Rugged shoes were not tied to our soles in this rough Bare feet are not meant for slippery with no crevices Nor sarongs tied loosely for propriety from nebbishes.

Grabbing on to sparse weeds we slowly climbed down Shortly finding ourselves rooted deeply in silty sand mounds Slipping and sliding were me and my friend Muttering all the way breathless, not to do this again.

The bottom drew near…hooray, terra firma With glistening sweat and pink cheeks surely to burn The blanket thrown down, we finally collapsed Disrobing, then plunking on our unfolded mat.

Like a couple of pros quickly taking it off It’s as nature intended out here by these rocks We thought we were hidden from invaders around ‘Til a masculine voice appeared near our ground.

I’m here to assist you two nice chicky babes You can never be too careful here under the shade John Wayne first perceived, our protector in flab More like Dr. Jekyll lurking about in his lab.

The scene soon unraveled as we lay back still farther Astonished, agasped at the glimpse of the jogger Baseball cap, tennis shoes and a perilous flagpole Like a flag up and down on the eighteenth hole.

Tears streaming down our face at this preposterous sight We bit our lips to stop laughing, on Black’s Beach it’s not right The hilarity of the sight too much to disguise The gaiety of this episode held quietly inside.

Uh oh…here’s Berkeley in long curly hair To his waist, locks so long tied up with some flair Pardon me, his oafish murmur…I know I shouldn’t talk You’re naked and all, as he gawked and he gawked.

The laugh building up I thought I’d explode Asking where a good bar was, this guy was a toad Comedian am I, I responded in jest Up the hill, way up high is a keg you can quench.

At last, left in peace, we laid and sunned Budda bing…budda bang…he’s resting beside the stone Looking like the thinker to protect his manliness Did he think he’d go unnoticed, or was this a test.

I left her alone to share in his gabbing And reveled in surf against my naked body The day growing darker he gathered his clothes Went to leave, then came back and asked for my phone.

Our day quite complete we attired again Grabbed our stuff on our backs to the mountain ascend At the top we looked down at this feat we performed So sore and worn out, but a memorable turn .

Budda Bing called me later…said he had a good time Could he call me again, I should call back at 9 I don’t think I will, ’cause this guy could be trouble Budda Bing’s way too young, and I might know his mother.

The beach was a blast, an experience remembered But I’m paying the price for this journey I’d entered My nipples are sore, my butt a disaster Mother Nature is great, but I’ll clothe next time faster.

Nude chooses TNS over AANR


Why We Chose Not to Renew Our Nude Membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation.

We’re at #Lagunadelsol right now. This is a fabulous clothing optional resort just 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento. It combines the amenities of a 5 star resort in a lush green reserve centered on a beautiful lake. I stress that it is clothing optional which means that you can choose to be clothed everywhere around the resort except in the pool area. This allows people who aren’t sure how they’ll feel being nude in public the option to test the waters.  We particularly love the dances where people come in all manners of dress, costume, and undress. No one here is going to take exception to you wearing clothes. Whereas at nude resorts you have to be naked.

We used to be  Gold Members of Laguna del Sol. But when the management insisted that we had to continue our membership in #AANR we chose not to renew. Not in #AANR and not in Laguna del Sol. Our membership in#TheNaturistSociety still gets us a discount on admission to Laguna del Sol.

My husband and I think that it’s ridiculous to have two national organizations for nudist rights. We chose to remain members of The Naturist Society. This is not because we think the organization is doing a great job. It’s because we think The Naturist Society is better than the American Association for Nude Recreation. We think that AANR represents the interests of the #nude resorts over the interests of promoting clothing optional beaches.  In fact, in our travels we’ve encountered owners of nudist resorts who are opposed to nude beaches because they think nude beaches are competition for them.

We think that nude beaches are a great way to introduce people to the idea of being nude  in a public setting.  Once someone has experienced the freedom of running naked on the sand, they’ll be more likely to try out a resort like Laguna del Sol.

Win Back Our Nude Beaches

If we want our nude beaches back we have to get politically active.  That means lobbying for nude beaches  in specific areas. From time to time I read where some group wants to do a nude protest for a nude beach that has been closed.  San Onofre State Beach is a case in point. The nude beach was closed to nude use years ago.  AANR and the Naturist Action Committee have had no success in getting formally nude beaches open again to nude use.  Then someone says,”Let’s do a nude protest at the beach. Make’m arrest all of us or cite all of us.” That may get you some press, but no action.  The only way to get our nude beaches back is to enlist legislative support. For instance, in California a legislator needs to be found who will introduce a bill that designates certain portions state beaches as clothing optional. Trying to negotiate with the park bureaucrats is a waste of time.

We have to visit the offices of our legislators. Let them know that we’re like the rest of their constituents. Have a clear plan for the beaches that you want designated as nude beaches. Also, ask that nude beaches be given the level of security and maintenance that textile beaches get.  Park officials say that they don’t have the staff to patrol nude beaches on a regular basis. Yet, some rangers find the time to hide with binoculars  on bluffs above the nude beaches to catch illegal activity.  If there was an active visible law enforcement presence on the beach there would be little to no illegal activity.


Naked in the Yucatan – Day 10

Well we’re not naked all day every day. There’s lots to see and do on the Mayan Riviera. Today we chose to check out beaches that we hadn’t yet visited.  We saw a billboard sign that said “Paamul Caribbean Paradise” with an arrow pointing down a dirt road.  Nearing the beach there was a security guard and a gate. We told him we wanted to look around. He said no. Then I said we wanted a drink and he lifted the security gate for us to pass through.

We had arrived  in a tiny resort village sitting at the edge of a beautiful bay. The village was made up of a few houses, rv’s and trailers camouflaged with palm fronds to look like permanent residences, an open air restaurant, swimming pool, hotel and cabanas.  After lunch on the patio we headed back to Hwy 307 to explore some more.

Further down the road towards Tuluum we see a billboard advertising “Brick Oven Pizza.” The arrow pointed down another dirt road. Down we go. We drive into the parking lot for the Tankah Inn. A man comes out to greet us. He asks if we’re staying there. I answer no. He tells us that we must leave. “Where’s the pizza place,” I ask.” “Down that road,” he replies.

There’s another security guard and gate. We tell him “pizza,” and he lifts the rope for us to pass.  Driving down the road we pass many very large homes on the beach. Coming to what looks like the end of the road is Blue Sky Pizza. We get out of the car and step inside. We’re looking out over a narrow sandy beach and another beautiful bay. It’s too early for pizza. So, we just have a couple of drinks and enjoy the view. Lovely, but in our opinion not as nice as Paamul. Still, if this is where you found yourself staying for a week you wouldn’t have any complaints. Knowing what Paamul looks like, though, that’s where we would stay on our next trip down here.

We’ve seen enough for the day. Time for a naked dip in the pool at MakNuk. Passing through the  beautiful door at MakNuk we are instantly removed from the outside world and entered into a nude Mayan paradise. In our room we shed our clothes and step naked into the estuary  that leads from our room to the pool. What sweet release.