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Nude Beach or Nudist Resort

Which should you choose for your first nude recreation experience, a nude beach, or, a nudist resort? Take some advice from a couple who gave nude recreation a try when they were in their 50's. A first class nudist or clothing optional resort is the only way to see if nude recreation is for you. Why is that?

nude mexico nudist beach nudist club

Nudist resorts are safe, clean, managed places. The guests are on their best behavior. You'll also find them to be friendly and not putting on airs. No one is going to pester you. There will be planned activities for those who want to socialize, but don't feel compelled to participate. Many nudist resorts compare with any 4 star resort. Then, there are the resorts, like Sea Mountain Nude Spa , near Palm Springs,that are adults only, and promote an adult party atmosphere.  Some of the best nude beach resorts are in the Caribbean.

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Many resorts are clothing optional and are perfect for people who just aren't sure about being nude in front of other people. You can stay clothed at these resorts and no one will make you feel uncomfortable for doing so. Over the years, many people have written to tell us that going to a clothing optional resort was what allowed them to finally find the freedom they had dreamed about but were afraid to try.


Have your cake and eat it too. Though there are no nude beach resorts in the United States, there are many in the Caribbean and Mexico. Click on Nude Beach Resorts, and you'll have a choice of the finest in the world.

Free - Naturist Dating.

Now, let's look at nude beaches. First of all there are only a few that are truly legal in the United States. Legal means the beach is designated as a nude beach. That means no threat of arrest or harassment by the authorities. Lifeguards may be on duty during the busy season and there may be enforcement patrols to insure that there is no unruly or offensive behavior.

Another group of nude beaches are the ones where nude use is accepted but not protected by the law. Then there is the last group of beaches where people will sometimes go nude but always run the risk of the authorities deciding to sweep the area and arrest or cite any people who are nude. Please don't get me wrong. We love going to a nude beach. You just have to do some research before you go. To help you with your research, we have several sections of BeachNude which will help you find a nude beach for you:

Looking for a friend to go to a nude beach or nudist resort? Click on Nudist Friends. Ever wonder how you could ask someone to go to a nude beach or nude resort with you? Click on Nudist Dating . Look. It's so simple. You know you're not going to go up to a co-worker and ask them to go to a nude beach, or nudist resort with you. At Nude Beach Lovers you find people just like you, people who have always wanted to run naked on the beach, or try out a nude resort, but for whatever the reason have never followed through. Date a Nudist let's you meet other people with the same desires that you have.


Legal Nude Beaches in the United States