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Top Nude Beaches - Hawaii

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You won't find a legal nude beach on Hawaii. But, there are several beaches where you can take off your clothes without fear of being hassled. Over the years I've collected information from our readers and present it here for you to enjoy. If you have a Hawaii nude beach experience, I'd love to hear from you. Patricia - Your NudeBeachWizard

Maui Nude Beach
Oahu Nude Beach
Kauai' Nude Beach

Read the best nude beach report we've ever received. Click on Polo Nude Beach- Oahu.

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Below you will find information we've gotten from a number of people on nude beaches on Hawaii, Kaua'i, Maui, and Oahu. If you have a favorite Hawaiian nude beach please tell us about in in the Nude Beach Forum. Or, if you've had a great day at any Hawaiian nude beach, share your experience with us in the Nude Beach Blog

Please note that top free is legal on beaches in Hawaii except for state park beaches. Also, nudity on a beach is not illegal unless it is intended to be objectionable. I guess that is open to interpretation, but clearly if you are naked on a beach where there are no other people, or no clothed people, your nudity can't be considered objectionable.

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Big Island of Hawaii Nude Beaches:

Kahena Black Sand Beach - This is a fabulous beach. You can be clothed, or nude. No problem. There's lot's of shade. You'll often find a drum circle with numerous instruments involved. Access to the beach is down a trail cut into the rocks of the bluff. At first glance, it looks difficult, but it turns out to be easy. We have been there several times, It's the best nude beach we've ever been to.

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Kaua'i Nude Beaches
More information can be obtained by visiting the Kauai' Naturists.
The information below is provided by their reperesentative.


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From Lihue and Kapaa going north on the highway exit right at Koolau Road. The Moloaa Sunrise Fruit Stand is at the corner. Great smoothies, coffee, and sanwiches. Go north on Koolau Road which has many curces and switchbacks. Go all the way down then back up again. On the right look for mailbox number 7198. Take the dirt road by the mailbox down to the ocean which you can see from the mailbox. Park and go down trails, one of which is straight ahead of the parking lot, another of which runs left down and parallel to the sand. This second path has many turnoffs to the sand when you descend to beach level. From the north (Hanalei and Princeville) go south on highway until you see mile marker 20. Just past this on left is Koolau Road. Take the left on Koolau Road and go south until you pass a tiny cemetery on left with a sign "Koolau Cemetery 1853" on the fence. Just past this is mailbox 7198. Go left at dirt road as above.


Secret Beach has been listed in many nude beach guides for Kauai for over 20 years. Since about 2000 it has been patrolled by a Japanese vigilante named Sakae Takenaka who at times wears a silver belt badge saying "security officer". He has also been observed at different times carrying a mace cannister, handcuffs, cell phone, walkie talkie, and binoculars. For a few years his routine was to walk up and down the length of Secret Beach taking phone pictures of nude persons and claiming to email them to Kauai Police. He called Kauai Police to complain nude persons were at Secret Beach. Kauai Naturists has verified this by obtaining the KPD police logs showing Takenaka as the complainant. Takenaka is employed by the Kauaapea Homeiowner's Association, which is a group of homeowners on the bluff above Secret Beach. They pay him $15. per hour to violate people's rights. Kauai Naturists obtained a copy of his employment contract under Hawaii's sunshine law. The homeowner association is the brainchild of one Michele Hughes, a land developer from Aspen and Tiburon, who used to, but no longer, own land above Donkey Beach, a former nude beach and gay hangout on the east side of Kauai. Private secuirty officers have no authority on public property in Hawaii, and all beches in Hawaii are public. Therefore, this thug has no authority whatsoever. Moreover, topfree for ladies is perfectly legal on becahes in Hawaii. It is only illegal at Honokohau Beach on Big Island, and at STATE PARK beaches, which have a special rule against tiopfree and nude bathing. Donkey, Larsen's, and Secret are not state park beaches and topfree is fine at all 3. Simple nudity, contrary to widespread (bigoted) opinion, is not illegal on beaches in Hawaii. Nude persons must intend to offend others for the obscenity law to be applied. That certainly does not mean cops will stop trying to ticket or harass naturists. They hope naturists do not know the nuances of the law.

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Maui Nude Beaches:

02/26/03 - Don
Maui has to have two of the most remarkable naturist beaches anywhere. We spent last weekend there and visited Red Sands Beach at Hana which is really spectacular with a small to mid-size crowd. The natural pool is incredible, and very romantic, as well being one of the most scenic spots we have found anywhere! Little Beach at McKenna, just south of Kihei is much better known, with huge crowds. Both are legal nude beaches and require a little extra effort to get to, but both are very much worth the hike, and in the case of Hana, the drive.

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Litle Makenna - Little Beach

This is the most popular naturist beach in Hawaii. It is a must stop if you go to Maui. Nicely isolated, right next to Big Beach, which is one of the larger public beaches on the island. Park in the first lot for Big Beach, proceed to the public beach and go to the right end of Big Beach. There is a rather steep lava rock pathway that takes some negotiating. Wear some decent climbing sneakers.

Little beach is on the other side of the lava rock formation. It is about 200 to 250 yards wide and sandy. The seclusion is caused by the semi-difficult walk. The surf is very nice for boogie boards and swimming. The water is clear and warm. The beach is frequented by year-around residents, with a sprinkling of tourists. They take very good care of the beach, and take their rubbish with them; so the beach is very clean.

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The population is about 60 to 75%% gay men; the rest couples and single visitors. A few families will visit with their little children; there are very few adolescents. Those that do come are there for the surfing and seldom go without suits.

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Here's another personal account about Little Makena:

My wife and I recently visited Little Makena beach in Maui. the last morning there we decided to take a chance on finding it. i had gotten directions off the Internet before we left the states . as it turned out we had no trouble. we turned into Makena state park, which is a pretty beach too,and adjoining that beach is little Makena beach. off to the right is a huge outcropping of rock. we had to climb over that rock to get to little beach. being senior citizens it was quite arduous but was worth when we got to the top and gazed down on gorgeous little beach. it was the first time at a nude beach for us but after spreading our blanket we lost no time stripping . my wife surprised me but she almost beat me nude. it was wonderful. we walked down to the water and started wading. now we are seniors and our bodies are no longer in the best of shape but we didn't care. we just enjoyed ourselves being nude. the beach is small and there were only 30 or 40 people there. Most were lying or sitting around naked. We did see a few with swim suits on. our only regret was we didn't have enough time before we flew back to Honolulu to really enjoy the beach and being nude. the hot sun the sand and the breezes on our nude bodies were delicious. Since we`ve been home, I`ve been on the Internet to find nude beaches here in Florida. We got a taste of being nude out in the open air and we want more of the same. what an experience!

Oahu Nude Beaches

Thunder reports on his visit to Polo Nude Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. Click on Polo Nude Beach to read the best report we've ever gotten from a BeachWizard

Here's some places that we've heard of. Keep in mind that nudity on the beaches is generally frowned upon in Hawaii.

Sun, February 16, 2003 21:33 - Don
My wife and I have become regulars at Mokulea (Polo Beach) on the North Shore, west of Wailua towards Farrington Air Field. Watch for parked cars, with short walk to beachLots of fun, lots of regular naturists. Bad ancient history, but good no problems for last five years. Sat-Sun very good for couples, or whatever... Mon-Fri more for the gay crowd, but some singles and couples around. Be cool, be friendly, have aloha spirit, have fun, and you're always welcome. We have experienced some problems with single guys "coming on" to my wife and masturbating in front of her - not cool, but exciting conversation is always welcome, as is the scenery.Beautiful bodies, whales, turtles, Paradise, what else could you ask for?

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Kahuku Beach - 2 miles north from Laie on route 83 and Goat Island One our readers has this to say about Goat Island:

Another beach mentioned is Kaneane Beach - on the leeward shore off Hwy 93.

Hawaiian Nudist Clubs: