#1Haulover Nude Beach

Haulover nude beach is the beast nude beach in the United States.
Why? Because it is legal to be naked on this beach. You won't
be hassled by the police. There are lifeguards, & public restrooms.
This is the way it should be. Sadly, there are few beaches in the
United States where you have the freedom to be nude in a safe.
and secure environment. Please join me on Facebook.


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Haulover Nude Beach
Florida's Premier Nudist Beach

Surprising as it may seem, there are only a few legal nude beaches in Florida. Haulover, in Miami is one of them.

Here's a report from one of our BeachWizards:

"Haulover is a beautiful, classy, clothing-optional beach, with lifeguards and police patrols. I go regularly to enjoy the friendly, diverse people and the magnificent ocean. Small refreshment stand on beach, marina restaurant will deliver for free. If you come to S. Florida, you wan't want to miss this one!"

The beach is located at Haulover County Park on Collins Ave. near 150th St.

Recently we have read reports of women being harassed at the beach. If this happens to you, report the situation to a lifeguard. Sadly, this happens all to often at nude beaches, and is a reason to visit a quality nudist resort.


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