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Trip Report
On Visit to the Sea Mountain Nude Resort & Spa
June 2008

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Because we publish a web site on Nude Beaches and Nudist Resorts ,my husband, Brett, and I have been receiving information on the Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Spa near Palm Springs, CA. The marketing materials for this adult nudist resort are spectacular. The materials motivate us to plan a trip to the Sea Mountain. Frankly, I doubted that the resort would live up to the marketing hype. I was very wrong. As you will discover in reading my trip report, the Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Spa is a fantastic retreat unrivaled by any resort in the United States.

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The air temperature is 105 degrees as we drive into the desert village of Desert Hot Springs, a few miles north of Palm Springs. I'm wondering if it is just too hot to be outside today. Brett spots the street that the Sea Mountain is located on. About a block down the street in a quasi-residential neighborhood I see a tall, broad, light brown wall topped with dark green foliage. The words "Sea Mountain Spa" are written on the wall. We go up to the dark brown door. I push the buzzer button. A voice comes on. I introduce ourselves. We have a reservation. This is a must for a weekend visit.

Remember the song, "What's Behind the Green Door?" Brett and I wonder what we will find behind the "Big Brown Wooden Door?"

The door opens. "Hi, Patricia & Brett," says a gorgeous bare breasted lady. We enter. The door closes. We are in a lush tropical environment. The Sea Mountain is a boutique romantic nude resort with just 15 suites. However, we sense that we are in another world that is larger than the one on the other side of the brown door.

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Our beautiful guide leads us past the pool area. Umbrellas, misters, and lush green plants transform the heat into an erotic presence. Naked men and women are relaxing in and around the pool. In the registration office we are greeted by two more lovely ladies, both topless, and Dewey and Julie, the owners of Sea Mountain. Dewey takes us to our suite, and along the way points out the features of the resort. One of these features is that the pool, dance area, and spa pool are open all night.

Suite 15 is dominated by a California king bed. A luxurious down comforter covers the silky soft Egyptian sheets. With the door to the suite shut, we can't hear the throbbing, sexy music being played in the pool area. Our room has a small refrigerator, and a great shower perfect for a couple. Dewey leaves us to get unpacked. As nice as the room is, we are anxious to get back to the pool area. Without so much as a sip of alcohol, we are already intoxicated by the erotic aroma that permeates the Sea Mountain.

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Shedding our clothes, we shower, towel off, and step, naked, out into the new world. The warm air embraces our bodies. If you've never ran naked on the beach, or been nude at a resort, the Sea Mountain is the perfect place to try out this experience. Walking towards the pool area, we pass though the patio area with lounge chairs, umbrellas, misters, and naked men and women soaking up the ambiance.

Arriving at the pool, we step into the soothingly warm waters. Seven couples are in the water all enjoying the freedom of not wearing swimsuits. Two couples are engaged in conversation with each other. The others, like us, are just lying back at the edge of the pool and engaging in our own private intimate conversation. Dewey appears leading new guests to their suite. He calls out to all of us that they are from Brazil.

Through out the day Dewey comes around the pool offering shots of Patron tequila directly from the bottle into our open mouths. As evening approaches, the drink changes to a tropical Grey Goose vodka concoction. One of the lovely lady hosts announces that she is taking orders for dinners for those who wish to not leave the resort. We're so totally enraptured with the relaxing atmosphere that we're not the slightest bit hungry.

The sun has set. We get out of the pool, and walk over to the hot spa pool. Believe it or not, we've gotten a little chilled being in the warm pool all afternoon. The waters of the hot spa pool are mineral waters. This desert village of Desert Hot Springs is famous for its mineral hot springs that are reported to have healing properties.

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Adding to the festive spirit alive around the spa pool, a naked lady is dancing around the edge of the pool to the throbbing music played by a DJ in the adjacent lounge area. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Soon, most of the couples in the spa area, join the dancing naked lady. Brett and I dance to the great music, enjoying the touch of our own naked bodies, and the sight of others dancing lovingly to the beat.

Somewhere around midnight, a full moon is casting a romantic spell on the Sea Mountain. Brett and I go back to our room to fulfill the desire created by the erotic air of this wonderful place.

The Sea Mountain philosophy is that adults should be able to enjoy themselves in an erotic nude, and non pushy setting. Brett and I found the other couples at the Sea Mountain friendly, and welcoming. We enjoyed seeing other couples express their love for each other in tender loving embraces, some very intimate. We have read that lifestyles couples sometimes play at this desert resort. Perhaps they do. Perhaps lifestyles couples were at the Sea Mountain on the weekend we were there. What we found were fun loving couples enjoying the freedom to frolic naked with each other in a warm, safe environment.

The "Big Brown Wooden Door" closed behind us as we left the loving embrace of the Sea Mountain for the world outside the door. We'll be back. Like celebrities, and people from around the world, we've found a place unlike any other in the United States.

E-mail me if you have questions about the Sea Mountain. I'll personally answer your e-mail.

Sea Mountain Nude Resort & Spa

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