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Indians are in general a conservative people. It is not legal to be nude in a public area such as a beach. Therefore, you would not expect to find beaches in India where you can safely be naked. And, you would be wrong to think that. In the states of Goa and Karnataka there are miles and miles of beautiful secluded beaches along the shores of the Arabian Sea. The most popular and easily accessed beaches now have lots of resorts. No nudity on these beaches. But on the secluded beaches, here's what one person sent to me in an e-mail:

"Gokarna is a small sea side town in Karnataka state and one of the holy places for Indians and naturists. I would rate it as a paradise on earth!! The sea turns inland at point of OM beach - one of the longest beaches and certainly the cleanest and unhabited too, in Asia. This makes it a rare beauty and hundreds of naturalists enjoy being at the beach round the year. Surprisingly I even found young Indian beauties coming into this beach and having a whale of time all the while. If you want to be in the best nudist beach on earth, I recommend visit OM beach, Gokarna, Karnataka state, India."

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Goa, the state north of Karnataka, also has many beaches where you can enjoy the natural environment naturally. The best time to visit the beaches is mid-November to mid-February. Obviously these beaches are busiest during the Christmas season. People from all over Europe flock to this tropical area during the winter season.

The following is from the Beaches - GoGoa Tourism Site:

"105 kms of Konkan coast stretches across the state of Goa providing a wide range of choice in beaches to suit everybody's needs. There are unspoilt pristine streches of sand for the solitude seeker and there are those ones jammed with people in every square feet of sand.

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There are beaches far from human habitation with very basic or sometimes no facility for accommodation. Then there are some with ultra modern comforts like internet cafes, massage centers, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, etc. With such an enormous choice, one might feel confused about which one to take.

But on the contrary, it's quite easy to plan an itinerary for getting suntan allover the body. Taking the capital Panaji and the next major city Margao as base points, all the beaches can be visited in a stretch. North from Panaji lies the most famous beach of Calangute.

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From here onwards to the northern tip of the state, swaying palms and shimmering sands stretch giving an enchanting sight. The further north, the emptier the beaches become. The same can be said about the silvery sands, which stretch down southwards from Margao. Right from Colva, the famous silvery white sand beach, there is an uninterrupted continuity in beaches. The more you move south the lonelier the beaches are."

Keeping in mind that public nudity is against the law in India, here are four beaches where you can probably go nude without any fear of harassment:

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