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Cap d'Agde, France -

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01/31/02 Umhlanga Beach, Durban South Africa

I have lived in Durban my entire life, and at age 27 had thought I had experienced most of Durban's beauty and splendor. Durban has an awesome climate all year round, and even in the middle of winter it is fair enough to sun tan at the beach.

About a year ago, my girlfriend of 2 years, Katy and I were going through the nature trail in the gorgeous Hawaan forest, located at the northern end of Umhlanga. The trail is about a 20 minute walk through indigenous forest and wetland, and after crossing the picturesque river, comes out onto the beach. Here we discovered absolute paradise. A postcard image beach, with dunes shielding a magnificent lagoon, which as we were to discover, changes face completely with the changing tides. An exquisite birdlife, including Fish Eagles and an abundance of Yellow-billed kites as well as plenty of water birds.

On closer inspection, we were to discover that all the people on the beach were naked - yes, we were forced to look twice and all the strollers, swimmers in the lagoon and sun bathers were naked. We had never experienced anything of the like before as we strolled nervously and inquisitively along the lagoon. The were clothed people as well, walking their dogs to the river mouth and on the other side of the river mouth there were more naked people, but these were generally just groups of guys, as opposed to the couples and families on the near side.

As the saying goes, When In Rome....., we decided to brave it and give it a bash. At first Katy was only comfortable topless, but eventually we discovered the absolute escapism to be found in being naked outdoors. We were both very comfortable at being naked, and the odd pervert that gawked by slowly became more ignorable.

Needless to say we visit 'Our Paradise as regularly as possible now, all through the winter and even more in the summer. On a hot day the beach is full, clusters of people close together, and a few more private scattered around. I hope more people will discover it as easily as we did, and in doing so, discover themselves.

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Mexico- Zipolite Beach

In the late 80's I discovered Zipolite beach in the state of Oaxaca about 250 miles SE of Acapulco or about 35 miles west of Huatulco. There is a rustic laid back beach here, with several primitive resorts offering rooms with hammocks or for about $30.00 per night a little bit more modern room with A.C.

One of the nice things about this beach is that nudism has been here since the early 70's when a couple from California came down here and started a backpackers resort called Shambala. This place still exists after numerous storms, hurricanes, etc., and the last time I visited was thriving in the relaxed pace of rural Mexico.

This is the kind of place you can get a nice meal for a few dollars, fresh fruit, fish, and later enjoy music on the beach or maybe a card game or chess as the restaurant becomes a meeting place for hitchhikers, backpackers, (many from Europe) and a few adventurer's like myself that drove my convertible from the Midwest.

The laid back atmosphere, and the warmth of the beach plus the natives appreciation for the opportunities from the tourists keeps drawing me back, year after year. You should know a little Spanish to visit here, and you have to drive to Puerto Angel, about 3 Km east to use the international phones, Internet, etc., but this is one place in Mexico you don't have to worry about the Mexican Police.

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09/16/01   France Cap D'Agde - Grant

July 29 to August 3rd - About all I did the first night was get take away pizza from the shops just below my unit. I had a unit for a family of 4 to myself because they don't have any smaller units.

My moto for this period was "make an effort not to make an effort." I never left the immediate area of the resort. It's the biggest naturist resort I've ever seen or heard of and the biggest resort of any kind I've ever stayed in as well. No wonder they call it the Naked City. I spent the entire week wearing nothing but hat and thongs with the occasional towel over my shoulder.

In summary about all I did was go to the beach, build sand-castles with other people, swim, go to the pool, lay down & work on my all over tan,use the water-slide, eat, sit around and write this diary. Highlights were the beauty competition for little girls and a separate one for the women plus on a different night another fashion parade with professional models. There was also a freak surf on the normally flat beach on Thursday.

There's also heaps of restaurants, bars, pools, shops plus a port with lots of jetties, a bank, post office, outdoor cinema, a few thousand holiday units, a mini golf course, an amusement area for kids only (drat) plus some special clubs for gays & lesbians and those into weird leather and metallic outfits that don't quite cover the naughty bits. Yep there sure was some weird clothing worn by the locals.

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09/16/01   Spain - Playa de las Gaviotas 

I've read all the articles about nude beaches, but Spain has been left out. Spain is the best country to find nude beaches because nudity is common there. On the Costa del Sol there several topless and nude beaches. the island of Ibiza (Mediteraanean Sea) offers a lot of that as well. Another nice place is the beach called Las Gaviotas, located in the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, off of the Coast of Africa, almost across from Morocco (Western side). Is a very secluded beach, but only 6Km from the city. It's next to a topless beach call Las Teresitas.

Free - Naturist Dating.

09/15/01 Koh Phangan - Thailand  

My wife and I visited Thailand for two weeks to the end of August, we concentrated our holiday on both Koh Samui and Koh Phangan (pronounced Koh Phanyan).

We always prefer nude or CO beaches to feel more comfortable, however, in Thailand the culture and religions normally frown very much on exposed skin, topless bathing is even frowned upon, mind you, it's a bit of a different story on the tourist islands that we visited (thank goodness for that).

Koh Samui is a very busy and hectic island with loads of great shopping and fantastic night life, the beaches are very crowed with resorts and bungalows making it rather impossible to go naked, topless for the women seemed okay at a pinch - the locals didn't seem to make too much of a big deal of it all, however, only a small percentage of women removed their tops.

Our week on Koh Phangan was much more relaxing and the island being a great deal quieter and generally more secluded allowed us to catch taxi boats from Haad Rin east beach to our favourite - Haad Yuan beach, about a 15 minute ride aboard an authentic thailand fishing boat - the cost was 50 Bt each (about $2.00 AUD).

As soon as you arrive on this beach, you feel as though you've stepped into a magical paradise, palm trees virtually to the beach, a few bungalows in the centre of the beach act as bars and places to eat in the shade, beautifully contoured boulders at the back of the beach and a sheer 200 metre rise of jungle to surround the 1/2 moon bay shaped beach. It's quiet and the water is warm and quite smooth due to the reefs which surround much of this area.

We chose one specific end of the beach (nearest the Sanctuary resort) and were able to strip off and sunbake without any dramas, at varying times, others would also trip off and sit around to sunbake - but it was done in a reasonably descrete manner to avoid upsetting the locals and some of the international tourists. A small group of nude ladies certainly attracted others to strip off but generally the beach was reserved for textile people (which was a great shame considering the wonderfully romantic atmosphere).

We had a wonderful couple of weeks and would certainly return to enjoy the place again soon.

Free - Naturist Dating.

07/03/01 Mallorca

5 miles of sandy beach on the south of the island, nudist in the middle section, with sand dunes and bushes at the back for a bit cruising. Pure heaven.

05/28/01 Sylt, Germany Woody

I had never been nude on the beach before but after watching the people on the beach I thought I'd give it a go. It was a great feeling. The Germans have a great attitude towards the whole thing. Its no big deal. I especailly enjoyed the beach near the town I lived in. Half the beach was nudes only and the other half was clothing only, and they were only seperated by a small sign designating each area. Nudes and non-nudes shared the sand, talked back and forth freely and exchanged drinks and snacks and didn't think a thing about it. I wish we could develop a better attitude in the US. Keep smiling, and don't burn anything important. Woody

England - Studland and Bat`s Head Guy Carless

Sure, our summer is short and unpredictable; come prepared to do other things and snatch the idyllic day when it offers. I`ve walked nude at 2,000 feet altitude (a thrilling experience) and sailed nude (when it`s really hot) as well as standard sunbathing. Where I live, in Dorset, we have two good and contrasting nude beaches. Studland, between Bournemouth and Swanage, is ideal for a family and well used: gently shelving sand and a tidal range never more than two and a half metres. A section, about a mile long, is recognised and marked as naturist, Some miles westward is the spectacular beauty-spot called Durdle Door, approached from the road which goes to nearby Lulworth Cove, This is completely different, with a steeply shelving beach, ideal for good swimmers. The beaches alongside "the Door" are textile, but you only have to walk one kilometre (five-eighths of a mile) westwards to the quiet little beach by Bat`s Head, where nudity is the norm. Anyone visiting, feel welcome to e-mail me for further information on Dorset, England. Contrary to the impression given by irresponsible sensation-seeking media, we have remained free from foot-and-mouth disease, as have most of southern and eastern England.

Free - Naturist Dating.

Cable Beach,Broome W Australia   Tim Parslow 

No great secret, but Cable Beach is unbelievable- 20kms of clean wide sand with great surf and lots of people for whom nudity is no big deal and natural. Has made me a confirmed nudist

Resort: River Island Nature Retreat   jo Mulholland, A Sydney Naturist 

River Island, two hours' drive south of Sydney is in a valley on the Wollondilly River. It's ideal! Went there a few years ago a number of times by myself to get away from the *Rat Race* and to do some work in peace. Went recently with fellow-members of the Free Beach Association of NSW and had a wonderful time. Two Canadian film makers were there to make a video which will be commercially available in the future. Jo

Cobblers Beach, Sydney   Jo

Sydney has only THREE legal nudist beaches, very small, very hidden. At the time of writing (21/12/00) it is very hot. Lady Bay is located on the southern side of Sydney Harbour but the other two are on the norther side in the Mosman Council area.

A Mosman councillor has launched a campaign for two Mosman beaches used for nude bathing since 1996 to revert to full community use.

Martin Skipper wants the council to approach the State Government to reverse a decision which allows nude bathing at Obelisk and Cobblers Beaches.

"It is very important to bring at least one of the beaches back to the people and I am prepared to fight for this outcome, " Mr Skipper said.

Councillor Dom Lopez said a significant national park should not be promoted with the existence of nude beaches."These beaches are an insult to the people because they are not just nude beaches - it is well-known other activities are going on there as well, " he said. Councillor Zara Grayspence said she wuld support the possibility of Cobblers Beach reverting to a family beach but not Obelisk. " I just feel that these people need somewhere to go and if you want a family beach you go elsewhere," she said.

Please help to keep these little beaches open, not only for us but also for you who visit us.

Free - Naturist Dating.

Tel Aviv Israel   Larry 

I just returned from Tel Aviv and am pleased to report some toplessness on the beach along the Promenade. This is an incredibly beautiful beach and the presence of at least partial nudity is a welcome addition. Last year when I was there in July, there was no indication of even partial nudity. God bless the Europeans who brought enlightened thinking to the public beach in Tel Aviv!


Punta del Este, Uruguay   Scott 

You should mention Chihuahau Beach very close to Punta del Este, Uruguay. It is really a beautiful place. I was there once and saw a fair number of gay guys. If that's your deal fine, in any event it is a beautiful spot.

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