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San Onofre - San Clemente - California (As of Oct 2009 citations may be issued to nude users by order of the California Department of Parks and Recreation.)
Black's Beach - San Diego - California
Private's Cove - Capitola - California
Baker Beach - Trinidad - California
Devils Slide - Half Moon Bay - California
College Cove - Arcata - California
Santa Barbara Nude Beaches - California
Pirates' Cove - Avila Beach - California
Sauvie Island - Portland - Oregon
Keno Quarry - Klamath Falls - Oregon
Wreck Beach - Vancouver, British Columbia
Kamloops, B.C.

Fire Island, N.Y.
Hawaiian Nude Beaches

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Sunday River - Maine
Cape Cod- Massachusetts
Mooney Beach - Plattsburg - New York
Sandy Hook (Gunnison) - New Jersey
Mazo Nude Beach - WI
Hanlan's Point - Toronto - Canada
St. Joseph's Beach - Panhandle - Florida
Haulover Beach - Miami - Florida
Playa Linda & Apollo Beach - Florida
North Beach - Miami - Florida
Garden Eden Bar - Key West - Florida
Panhandle Nude Beaches - Florida
Deer Lake Park - Panhandle - Florida
Passage Key - Tampa Bay - Florida
Hippie Hollow - Austin - Texas
South Padre Island - Texas

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Cape Cod02/26/02 Cape Cod Nude Beaches - Richard

Gay head Beach, in the town of Aquinnah, (formerly called Gay Head) is at the far west of Martha's Vineyard. Buses meet the ferry boats from Cape Cod. There are places to get a snack at the bus stop at the lighthouse above the beach. It is one of my favorite beaches in the world. Yes, go right on the beach at the bottom of the hill. You follow a boardwalk down the hill-stay on it to prevent erosion. Zack's Beach is in the opposite direction (left) when you hit the beach but it is a private beach, as are the majority of the beaches on Martha's Vineyard. In season someone will be sitting in a folding chair asking to see if you are a town resident before continuing. Even residents of the other towns on the island do not have the right of access to other town's beaches.


A private nude legal beach on the same island in the adjoining town of Chilmark is Lucy Vincent Beach, also called Jungle Beach. You must be a resident of Chilmark, a guest of one, or stay at an inn there to get a beach pass. Young people sit at the entrance to the beach and check your right to be there but I have met people who found ways to sneak on. That is only possible without a vehicle.

On Nantucket, Miacomet is indeed the center of nude beach activity. It is close to Miacomet Pond on the south shore of the island between the pond and the hamlet of Surfside with its better known beach. Even though I live on Nantucket and like many other things about it many times I yearn for the Gay Head beach, as you cannot drive on that beach. You CAN drive on Miacomet. I personally think it detracts from the experience. There is a youth hostel in Surfside, $22.00 per night, and Surfside is a 3 mile distance south of Nantucket town. There is a bike path to Surfside and a shuttle bus ($1.00) in season. Miacomet nude beach is about a 20 minute walk west of Surfside along the beach (2/3 mile). No facilities.

As Nantucket has 80 miles of beach, you can find relatively quiet spots to go nude, away from beach entrances and families. One such spot is between Madaket and Cisco, also on the south shore. Take a shuttle bus to Madaket (in season) go to the beach and walk EAST for 30-40 minutes. There is conservation land where NO houses and a pond and bird reserve lie behind the beach. Topfree and nude have long been accepted here. On the beach where driving is allowed, you can sun in the lee of your vehicle and that provides lots of privacy.

The beach on the mainland, Cape Cod, is between the vehicle access roads of Ballston and Long Nook Roads. A Truro town parking/beach permit is required in season. (after June 1st) The beach is a morning beach, especially in August and September when the sun is lower and sets behind a huge dune on the west side of the beach. This beach was hassled for many years by the National Park Service and countless tickets were given to naturists, but, as with Canaveral National Seashore in Florida, the NPS seems to have other things to do now (like ticket people in St. John) 2001 was hassle free from the reports I got.

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08/12/02 Miacomet Beach, Nantucket MA - David
Good news for nude sunbathers: As of August 2002, motor vehicles are BANNED on Miacomet Beach, to preserve the dunes. No more dodging SUV's and gawkers!

08/05/02 Assateague Island

Wife and I had a great day at Assateague on Sunday July 21. Spent the day nude, 1/2 hour walk from the parking area. Beach patrol came by once in a jeep, everyone covered up when they were in sight. No problems. About two dozen other nude sun bathers there that day. Be sure to look for the wild horses.

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NOTICE - Citations are now being issued to people who are nude on the beach at San Onofre. Jan 2010

02/12/02 San Onofre State Beach Calif R & K Get update at

My wife and I have been visiting this beach for 30 years. That's right 30 years this april. We were some of the first to take it all off and in those days fight for the right to bare it all. We spent our honymoon at the top and bottom of trail #3. Shortly after president Nixon gave the Federal area to the state for us as a park. In those days the Marines brought in water trailers for campers at the top of the bluff. This area was nothing but the "old highway" with some white lines painted for parking and camping. Pottys were of the portable type. Over the years better facilities have been added.


The nudes pushed further south and at one point off the state beach onto the Marine base. We stood our ground. Moving south away from the Lifegaurds and Rangers and back north from base security. I can remember telling a ranger "if you arrest me you take me as is" no clothes, he declined. For awile it was on and off with cover ups for some, but some of us just kept on doing our thing. This was how it started and over the year an easy truce has settled over the beach and the unwritten rule is south of the last lifegaurd is a blind eye area.

The human body is one of the most diverse creations and should be admired in all it shape, colors, and configurations. We encourage couples to venture down the beach to enjoy the freedom and care free relaxation that only the beach can offer. It is well worth the hike down and back up trail #6 hike to find such a beautiful combination of land, sea, and People.

We both hope that some day we will all be excepted at a lot more places with open minds, but till then San Onofre here we come. It would be nice for everyone if the park system would put in bathrooms at the bottom of the trails it would be easier on the enviorment and more convenient for all how use the beach.

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If you are a nude beach lover or have never tried it, this is the place. Please, use this beach with good sense and courtesy to all so we give no one a reason to take it away from us or make us have to fight for it again. Those days where not fun. Please show curtesy to all that use the beach. Please feel free to approach any of us, but if asked, give those want it space. There is plenty to go around for all. Treat those around you the way you would like to be treated. Be friendly but never pushy usally if some give you a unfriendly look be respectful of it and move on. There are many more friendly and willing people along the beach. We have for over 30 years watched the people come and go and made many friends with those that simply asked to join us. We have meet Teachers, Professors, Business people, and even Disney employees. We have watched lovers and fights between couples where one wanted to go nude and the other did not. We watched people spend the day nude and then complain to the rangers about the "nudes". We have watched dolphins and surfers and a million waves come and go and never grow tired of any of it. Some times paradise is in your own back yard. If you are in California you have a great backyard. Peace and Love from a couple of getting older hippies who have kept the dream alive and nude on the beach. R & K will see ya at the beach, our beach.

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San Onofre Cailfornia by Joe Back East
Editor's note: Joe wrote an excellent report on his first trip to San Onofre. This is just an excerpt from his report.

Immediately, I found myself in a sunny autumn Saturday crowd of folks of all ages, genders and races. I put everything except my walking shoes into a canvas carry bag and walked the half mile or so to the cable marking the start of the marine reservation. Every person with whom I had eye contact smiled or nodded -- a uniformly friendly group. (For the information of potential visitors, the southern end of SO is largely -- almost universally -- male, seemingly gays and bi's.) I finally spread my towel in the middle section and enjoyed reading in the buff for an hour or so. The water was too darned cold for my taste, but I am someone whose regular ocean swimming is done on the mid-Atlantic beaches. And, to top the afternoon, a couple on a towel nearby offered me a glass of white wine and a handful of grapes and good conversation.

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 07/30/02 San Onofre Don
This is a wonderful beach. My wife and I visited last year, and we would love to visit it again this year. The problem was that last year, we had to park so far away from trail 6, and we had to walk in the hot sun, carrying everything for about 45 minutes. It WAS a Sunday in August, about Noon. If we visit on a Monday in August, will we be able to park closer? What time is best to show up? And my wife wants to know, is it still safe to enjoy the nude section on a weekday? Please, someone answer us. We are really looking forward to another wonderful day at San Onofre.

06/05/02 San Onofre State Beach, CA Billie

I've noticed several people have mentioned San Onofre State Beach as being a nice nude beach. IT IS! I was just there today and found it to be everything mentioned. However, the main thing no one has made mention of is the fact there is ALSO overnight tent and RV camping permited there. Once you pay your entry fee, the entire length of the road (from the main gate all the way down to the first "Trail 6" sign), on the right side, is camping areas for tents and RV's. There are picnic tables and BBQ grills provided, as well as Sanitation Disposal sites for the RV's. Toilets are also there, but no showering facilities. No camping is permited beyond the first "Trail 6" marker. When going onto the beach, there is no natural shade, so bring your beach umbrellas and a lot of tanning lotion. There are a few "drift wood shelters" some people have put together along the beach, so if you go early, you might be able to grab one for yourself. When I went there today (around 2:20), it was pretty foggy out but there were still quite a few people there. For me, I walked about a mile and a half or two miles down the beach. I felt this was about the best place to be as it was a lot more secluded. I didn't stay too long because I went there alone and got bored. It's much more fun when you go with someone. If any one (reading this) would like to go, but won't because you don't have anyone else to go with, drop me a note and perhaps we can work something out to go together.

Note: Take Trail # 6 down to the beach. Then go 300 yards to the left (south) of the last lifeguard tower. That's where the nude beach begins.

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01/01/10 - Kamloops, BC The beach in Kamloops is at missions flats. There is no hazzle ever people are friendly and open. Just head down the missions flat road past the Domtar Mill and right after that your there. Enjoy. Here's a link to a guide to all nude use areas in British Columbia, Canada

06/21/02 Wreck Beach John

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wrech Beach is a beautiful BC beach. It's covered in logs which make lots of little private areas, and have been planted in the sand for hammocks. Vendors ply the beach selling everything from ice cold beer, to sandwiches, to mushroom chocolates. Be sure to check out Stormin' Norman's Hamburger hut. One interesting thing about the vending, is that it is all illegal. Still, it happens, cuz people want it, and the vendors are all nude themselves. Really, really interesting place!

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05/24/02 Deer Lake Park, W. Panama City Beach, Fl H & K


About 15 minutes west of Panama City Beach, on Hwy 98 is Deer Lake Park. It is very private with very few people there. The beach is quite long with dunes for extra privacy. After parking, there is a trail to follow to the beach, when you reach the beach, turn left and you are off the park property.

04/16/02 Passage Key - Marsh

Passage Key is one area for nudists. It can only be reached by water and is just south south east of Eggmont key at the mouth of Tampa Bay. More than 100 boating nudists on weekends. Another I just found out about is silver key in captiva island. I am looking for any new nude beaches from Tampa to Key west that I can visit on my honeymoon next week. Any ideas?

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St. Joseph's Peninsula SP, Florida   Dave
This state park is towards the east side of the Florida panhandle about 20 miles west of Apalachacola. There's a long drive to get to the park. Camping is a vailable in 2 areas for tents and RVs. There are a few rental cabins available. Once you access the beach, keep walking north. There might be a large group of people in the park, but the beach is practically deserted. You can walk several miles and the only folks you'll see will be an occasional park ranger on a four-wheeler. Please respect the dunes and keep out.



05/01/02 Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook NJ Friends of Gunnison
Anyone wanting information on Gunnison Beach, hotel/motel info, or just basic facts about the beach or beach rules and etiquette, can log onto our website at: Friends of Gunnison The weather is just beginning to warm up. Hope to see you on the sand. Naturally, FoG

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Sandy Hook Beach N.J.   jane

I always do something i never did on my birthday.Last year i turned 40 and went to a nude beach. I wanted to experience this since i alway felt confortable about my body and only tan naked for the past 25 years(i find an all over tan is the most beautiful thing). so i went not packing a suit. i thought when i went to the beach that the small beach to the left were for the nude bathers maybe about 50 or so , i said i can do this. wrong it was the beach to the right which had about 5,000 bathers. so there i went into the groud of all these naked bodys. it was one of the most liberating feeling in the world. i loved it ,i finally had this most calming feeling like i was so ment to be there and to relax,enjoy, and express myself as me. I found wonderful sea glass, i told bathers this was my birthday treat to myself,..they sang to me. i had a great day. one of the top 10 days of my life So what beaches would you reconmend for me to visit in Australia --Peace Jane

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04/01/02 Sea Mountain Ranch Sandy Mindorio
This was the most fantastic weekend where we were naked at the deck they have that looks to the ocean--we had wine and cheese at sunset --All the girls were topless at the pools and even in the gym--had nude coed steam and sauna,and of course tanned for 3 days --we met some nice honeymooners and a group of 3 women travelers -This is NOT a sex club or anything, but way nice very upscale elite expensive --it was more like a hotel then any bed and breakfast but the place to chill in los angeles


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10/17/01 Devils Slide CJ
This is a nude beach in the Half Moon bay area or San Mateo California area. Not a big beach but clean and fun. Off of Hwy 1 north of San Francisco. I loved it!

10/17/01 Hippie Hollow CJ
Hippie Hollow is a legal nudist area on Lake Travis in the hills above Austin. It is 5 bucks a car and has paved walkways and restrooms. No children allowed. Absolutely one of the all time best!!

09/25/01 Garden of Eden C/O Bar - Key West - jeffery monroe

in key west you can go to the garden of eden c/o is upstairs at the corner of duval and caroline. you can be naked and drink and dance. also dejavu and atlantic shores are also fun.

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The rugged northern california coast, usually enshrouded by fog, the ocean, and the redwoods. Just above Arcata, home of Humboldt State University, is College Cove. Ahhh, on a rare clear warm day, the cove is a paradise of sea foam, flesh and sun. Against the rocky, almost foreboding coast, it doesn't get any better.

Baker Beach, Trinidad, CA Grant Lopus
Excellent weather, plenty of room, tons of sand, freezing cold water. If I could live on this beach for the summer season, I would!

North Beach Miami and Question Barbara

The only clothing optional beach that my husband and I have been to is North Beach in Miami. It was a beautiful beach with a nice concession stand and a variety of people, including couples. It was perfect because signs were posted regarding the nudism allowed. We didn't have to worry about getting arrested. We found good directions for this beach on the Palm Beach Naturists web site. Does anyone know of any nude beaches in New Jersey besides Sandy Hook? We'd like to find something near Cape May. Thanks!


Blacks Beach-San Diego, Ca. Michael


We have a great nude beach here in San Diego. It's called Black's Beach and it's nestled in between La Jolla and Del Mar. It isn't easy to get to so it keeps the looky-loos away! I go often, by myself or with a friend or feels wonderful feeling the ocean and the air on your naked body! It is a friendly place...I have met alot of people there. Shared blankets with some and swam with others! Anyway...that is my favorite beach! Thanks for listening!

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The official web site for Black's Beach Bares is: Black's Beach.

Sauvie Island, Portland Oregon
Hi just to let those know that if your planing to visit Portland, Or. there are several nude beaches here. Sauvie Island located west of Portland off of Hwy. 30 is my favorite place to relax and tan. The sand is warm and clean the water Columbia River is great to swim in. Enjoy

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Haulover Beach   richard

haulover beach in miami is a great beach with little hassle,,,, weekends the crowds are big,,,, the parking is 4 dollars,,,, there are life guards,,,, and the gay area is in the north section the nude beach also has showers and rest rooms,,, police patrol and everyone seems real nice,,,,

Sun, February 16, 2003 17:34 - Joe
My wife and I visited Haulover beach three times in late January and early Febuary 03. The first two times were on weekdays and it was almost exclusivly populated by gay men. Sunday was a different story with at least a third of the bathers female. One lady took out a video camera but only focused on people in her group. One solo man masturbated near us. Few textiles but one rudely stood right next to us and stared at my wife (a former model and still quite beautiful). I had to get up and tell him to move on. Those were really the only negatives and overall it was very nice and relaxing.

We spent the previous saturday on South Beach - several topless women and lots of thongs. Most women wore two pieces though.

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Haulover Beach   Chuck & Linda
I realize that anyone and everyone who is into c.o. beaches know Haulover Beach. I just wanted to tell everyone thqt we went there for our first time this October annd it was wonderful in every respect. I would encourage anyone who enjoys being nude at the beach who hasn't been there to go there. I just want to also make everyone aware that from what I read from Central Florida Naturists that there are people within the local government in North Miami who may want to put an end to what we so much enjoy at Haulover Beach. Everyone needs to be not only aware of this but to be active in protecting what I consider a privilege more so than a right.
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 07/28/00   Hanlans Point   0solomio 
I went to my first nude beach at Hanlans point which is an island close to toronto. You take a ferry to get there but its so nice its on an island. It is a clothing optional beach next to a regular beach. Guess which one is busier-thats right the c.o. one. Most of the people are male (gay) not that theres anything wrong with that. But it is very peaceful. I really enjoy walking naked, I feel its made me more relaxed and confident. This is a "legal" nude beach and I'd like to know what one can do to get other beaches to go "clothing optional!" I dont know why we are so hung up on the naughtiness of being naked in public. There is nothing wrong with it,Its liberating regardless of your shape or size(pardon the pun.)

Santa Barbara Nude Beaches   Frank Aguado 


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Update - June 2010 - People are going nude at More Mesa with no hassle.

Just a warning about the Santa Barbara County nude beaches, namely Bates Road, Summerland, and More Mesa. The cops have been frequenting these beaches for the last few months and have been passing out citations to those of us who choose to sun ourselves sans clothing. It's such a bummer! Most people have either opted to wear a thong or not show up at all. Please continue to go to these beaches even if it means wearing a thong. The "social pressure" of people-wearing-clothes and all of the trash that they bring and leave at these beaches is disheartening. If we want to continue to bear our buns, we need people to show their support.

My own experience with a cop at More Mesa was such that he didn't cite me...but I'm a real good schmoozer and those 10-15 people before me didn't get off so lucky. I had just kayaked up to the beach, up to the shores of my own little paradise with a handful of people visible on a mile or so stretch. Not ten minutes went by and all of a sudden I saw this green-clad officer charging me. Whoa! What a shame to have to wear clothes at a beach that I've been going to for over 20 years, never wearing a stitch of clothing.

Anyway, bathers beware!

Keno Quarry   allan 
Keno Rock Quarry is a great place to hang out naked. It's in Sunny Southern Oregon, not too far from Medford, Ashland, or Klamath Falls. From 1-5, take the Hwy 66 exit in south Ashland, then get on Dead Indian road by the Ashland Airport. Go about 17 miles. Find Keno Road, it's past the turn off to Howard Prairie and Hyatt Lakes. Turn right onto Keno, cross a creek. See the big pile of gravel on your left, and turn right into the quarry area. You will find a spring fed pond in the abandoned quarry, and lots of people getting that all over tan. It can be very quiet with just a few visitors, or fill up on a weekend. Very mellow. There is a view of Mt McLaughlin to the north. Elevation is about 45oo feet at the quarry. It gets really hot there, but the water is very refreshing. Lots of trails surround the area, and I have hiked down to Howard Prarie Lake, completely nude, and saw no-one except a few cows. You might also encounter someone on horseback, but everyone in S. Oregon is pretty cool.

So Padre Island Texas  

Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 14:09:16 -0700
From: doug henry <>

My wife and I just got back from a glorious 3 days nude at the beach at North Padre Island National Seashore, about 20 minutes SE of Corpus Christi, TX. There's a 5 mile stretch there called "North Beach" that's closed to motor vehicles;it does have a bit of trash and seaweed that washes up, but is still a beautiful place to spend the day at the beach. It’s really nice for those beginners to nude sunbathing-- it's VERY isolated and secluded, and so excellent for even the modest to lose their
tanlines. One whole day (a weekday) we only had 2 people walk past- one of them a man (nude), the other an older beach-comber woman who saw us, just smiled,waved, and kept beachcombing. There were several other couples some distance away (1/4 mile?), but they were just close enough that we could tell they were also enjoying the beach “au naturel.”

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Rangers patrol the beach regularly, so it feels very safe, family oriented, and not at all lewd. We were curious as to what the park service thought about all the nude sunbathing on their beach, so finally stopped one of the rangers (putting on our suits first just to be cautious) and asked what the "enforcement policy"was like. He was terrific. Very professional, he quickly put us at ease, saying, "We see everything here… so as long as there's nothing offensive going on, we're pretty tolerant. If a busload of kids comes walking up the beach, we’d want you to put your clothes on." After that good news, we stopped bothering to even cover up when the rangers would pass, and, sure enough, they’d just give a friendly wave and drive right by.

As for lodging, there's a "Best Western" about 10 miles outside the park, but there's also plenty of camping inside. The Laguna Madre side at the Bird Island Basin is where we decided we'd camp next time, as it's out of the ever-present wind blowing sand in your face in the evenings, so is a little more peaceful, and the windsurfing crowd there is hip.


To get to the beach, take the "North Beach Road" to the left just before the park gate entrance. At the end of the road, park on the beach to the right and start walking (my wife and I took bicycles, so we could cover some distance, and get away from it all, fast- this turned out to be a great idea, as the sand near the water is firm and easy to ride on). After about a 1/2 mile, the clothed beach-goers stop, and you'll see people enjoying the beach the way nature intended! We can't wait to go back.

Note: If you’ve got a 4wd vehicle, Padre Island National Seashore also has a 61 mile long stretch of sand called the “South Beach” where you drive on the beach. We explored this a bit down to about 22 miles, and did find a nice spot to spend the day nude and camp. Even though the quality of sand is probably nicer and softer here, we decided we liked North Beach better. Trucks come barreling along South Beach about 4 per hour, sometimes 30-35 mph. We also didn’t like the occasional gawkers, and then got tired of having to run for cover and be constantly on the lookout. At North Beach, in contrast, nudity is more of a norm, and you never have to worry about speeding vehicles surprising you or running you over.

Finally—MOST IMPORTANTLY— if you go, take an empty garbage bag or two to collect some of the trash that washes up! Nude beach goers need to be responsible! If you leave a full bag by the dunes, the rangers will come by and pick it up. And remember, May and June are peak season for the endangered Kemp Ridley sea turtles coming back to nest—report any turtle nests you see to the Park Authorities! Have a great day at
the beach!

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Playa Linda and Apollo - Florida Nude Beaches - Feb 25, 2014

By - Bob Questions - E-mail

This is Canaveral National Seashore, a federal property, and admission is $5 per carload or free with a senior pass. The nude beach generally starts from the last parking lot(13) and runs north towards New Smyrna Beach. About 1 mile north of parking lot 13 and continuing north for 15 miles is considered back-pack territory and a $2 permit is required. Hours have been from sunup to 6pm. Sometimes with daylight saving they extend the hours, but since the budget crunch they have not. There are 2 portable johns and a fixed bathroom near the 2 entrances to the beach at 13. The parking lot holds 2 handicapped spaces and about 50 regular spaces. The next lot is about a 1/4 mile south, and holds the same amount of cars. By 11am weekdays, 10 am weekends, and 9am summer weekends 13 is full. 12 fills up shortly after that. All parking lots-13-are spaced about a 1/4 mile apart. and 9 and 10 fill up by noon on good summer weekends. Do not park on the grass or no parking areas- you will get a ticket for several hundred dollars.

Now the beach..beautiful! There are no vendors. Glass and dogs are not permitted. The water is in the mid 60's wintertime. and ranges to the mid 80's summertime. Good waves for surfing at high tide, small waves and gullies at low tide. Water is mostly crystal clear and the sand is fairly white. Lots of people fishing, swimming or just sunning. There is a occasional beach ranger on a 4 wheeler, but no security most of the time. Many gay people go up to the far northern part of the beach, with most couples and families below that area. Recently, people are coming on the beach from lot 12 and getting in the buff. I have not seen or heard of any problems there, and I do know the park super looks the other way as long as everyone behaves.

Apollo Beach is not as attractive.There are only 15 parking spaces at Apollo.
The beach at high tide is almost zero- the water is up to the dunes. The parking lot is also shared by fisherman who are back on Mosquito lagoon behind the beach. The next closest lot is 2 miles away.

Sunday River,Maine . U.S.A.   Mike 
State of Maine. From Lewiston/Auburn area take route 26 north to Bethel. Turn off route 26 at the Sunday River Ski exit. Follow signs for the covered bridge. Go past covered bridge and stay on tar road. When you come to the end of tar road go straight on the dirt road for about 1 mile. You will find 2 small bridges on your left. cross the bridges and you are there. From here you can take the small dirt path on your left and go enjoy the flat rocks and the water. Go straight till you come to a bridge with a gate on your left. Cross bridge and go down the path onto the rocks. Turn right and go about 1 mile and you will see 3 wide places in the road to park. go down the bank and enjoy the area. This area is open to nudists and anyone who wants to go top free.

Pirate's Cove-Central Calif. Coast   Sherkahn 
Laid-back beach in a laid-back county.No matter how foggy it may get in Avila or Pismo,there's always sun at 'The Cove'.

Mooney Beach? NY near Plattsburg   Rob 
Go north from Plattsburg about twenty minutes and follow the signs for mooney bay marina. Just before you get to the marina there are two entrances to the Point au Roche state park. Take the second entrance and park at the nature interpretation center. Walk to deep bay and then hang a left onto the old road. Keep going straight ahead until the road makes a sharp turn to the left, and at this turn you get off the road and follow the path about three hundred yards to a well secluded beach and enjoy. This beach is seeing more and more nude use from the nearby Quebec population.

Privates Beach   patrick 

I found a good nude beach no websites even mention in Capitola, its called Privates, it has killer surf on bigger swells , its on east cliff dr. half mile north of downtown capitola. theres a small parking lot outside of a fenced gate, it looks like your supposed to have a key but its never locked.

Fire Island - New York - Feb 28, 2013
Park officials announced that nudity will no longer be allowed on any of the national park beaches on Fire Island. Violators could face up to 6 months in jail and up to $5,000 in fines. Once again the naturist organizations who are supposed to defend our rights have failed us.

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