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Orient Beach

08/26/02 Orient Beach, St. Martin

THE place for first time nudists to go- located on the French side of St. Martin, a great 1-mile+ reef protected beach with a mixed textile/topless 3/4mi, and a 1/4 mi nude area walled off with a jetty. A resort is in the nude area, but the beach is open to all who are nude. Romantic, quiet, safe, 80-85*F year-round, 80*F water, services on the beach include food, chairs/lounges, all sports. Nude area is quieter and more laid-back, you can always find a quiet place. If you want to dis-connect from civilization in comfort, this is the place to be free from pagers, phones, sirens, horns, and people in your face. The French are very protective of their beach environment, and bad behavior is quickly corrected. SO GO TRY IT! Air fair is pricey ($500/US ea. from Miami, due to the distance) but decent accomodations can be had in the vicinity for $130   US/day, all the way up to $300+/US/day for a private resort house w/ pool. Suggestion: if you want to explore the island, make arrangements for your hotel to have a rental car waiting for you there, and take a cab from the airport- much less hassle! The village of Grand Case has the greatest concentration of 5* restaurants in the Caribbean- my favorite is La Testa Vin- sit on the deck over the water and watch the sun set- unforgetable! Great

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05/31/02 Orient Beach Doc

We visited St.Martin in February and spent 3 days of wonderful nude sunbathing on the Beach in front of Club O. JUST A WORD OF WARNING!! We noticed some sites said it was o.k. to be nude ANYWHERE on Orient Beach. According to the local police, this is NOT true. While we did notice a couple of folks walking in the area past the sign at Club O, we also talked to a man who was arrested for walking nude beyond the sign. There is a large sign on the south end of the beach that delineates the nude area from the rest of the beach. On the nude side of the sign (south), it says nudism is not allowed past Pedro's Beach Bar. Even the local police are confused about this, as we saw them trying to arrest a man for being nude at Pedro's but he took them and showed them what the sign said. After much controversy they let him go. But,be VERY careful if you decide to try to go nude past the Club O sign. Personally, I chose not to risk it. There is plenty of beach where it is safe to be, and safe to see, and safe to be seen. So enjoy. We HIGHLY recommend this beautiful island and its many beaches.

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Good Nude Beach In Puerto Rico Hi Everyone, We just had a vacation in Puerto Rico and we found a very nice long beach where it is possible to swim and sun in the nude. The beach is called Anasco Beach and is located on the west coast of the island. It is a very long beach that stretches about 3 kilometers (about 2 miles) and during week days it is virtually empty (we saw about 4 locales and 6 tourist). The beach was great because it is divided between the public beach on the south part (which locals use), a more private area ideal for nudist (north central part) and the north where a resort is at (Anasco Beach Resort).

We spent all our nude beach days at this beach and had no problems what so ever. It was clean, safe, quite and the water was very calm and shallow. The area we selected was in the best area for being nude without question. This is the underdeveloped area of the beach where all you have behind you is tropical vegetation and the whole beach to your selves. Also, you can see if anyone is coming and you can cover up if you like. But actually, we were seen by 2 locals (1 running and 1 walking) and they kept moving without any gawking or curiosity and they never returned to bother. Bottom line, we felt safe and enjoyed our time there.

How to get there. We flew from San Juan Airport to Mayaguez Airport. There we rented a car and exited the airport and got on to Route 2 leading North (take a right at airport and route 2 intersection). We kept going north. You should stay on this route for at least 3 to 4 miles. As your driving you will see an old steel bridge you will then come up to the to the first major intersection that has a traffic light. At this traffic light you take a left towards the city of Rincon. This road will now take you west and you must stay on this road until you see a sign (on your right side) that says "Banario De Anasco" (this is the beach name). You take a left at this intersection and drive about 1 mile. You will go through a small village, right after the village you will see the entrance to the beach parking area. If the main gate is closed, just go to next gate and park your care.

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After you park, start walking toward the beach. The area that you have entered is the public beach area and you will see picnic tables and recreation areas. As soon as you reach the sand head north (right) toward the undeveloped area. We walked until we felt it was a good isolated area. The area we picked was close to a small abandon structure. This place was ideal because it was an equal distance from the Anasco Beach Resort and the public area. Also, we could get good shade from the palm trees and there were many small private coves for nude sunbathing.

If you want to drive from San Juan, you must get on Route 2 leading west and drive for about 2 and half hours. When you reach an intersection with a traffic light and see a sign that says Anasco, take a right. If you see an old steel bridge on route 2 you have gone too far and must turn around.

How to get to Anasco Beach Resort. We saw tourist at the resort that were topless and had G-strings, so it might be a good place to stay at. If you want to go to the resort just follow the instructions above, but don't turn left on the sign that says "Banario De Anasco". Keep going west until you see it on your left (about 4 miles).

Well I hope this information will be helpful to those who thought Puerto Rico didn't have nude areas. We think you will enjoy it as much as we did. So if you want some safe and quite nudism in Puerto Rico go to Anasco Beach

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02/26/02 Crane Beach Hotel - Barbados

Hello once again! Good news and bad news for Crane Beach afficionados...

Years of neglect to the manor house at Crane Beach have been cleaned up and the beach is as beautifulas always. New amenities abound due to the "bad" news-- they have done some serious expansion and are continuing with more construction. While this has effectively dashed the quietude and quaintness of the old manor house hotel feel, it has brought in much-needed improvements. The new accommodations are very special -- see their website ( ) for more ongoing activity. Less hotel; more exclusive resort.

I had planned a trip this year but will wait for the expansion to conclude so I can compare the "new" Crane with the old Crane Beach Hotel. I doubt there will be the same 'feel' but I also anticipate some wonderful new experiences. They obviously haven't done anything to the beach-- it is still the real calling card for this resort. Now maybe it will appeal to more people with its larger capacity and more contemporary amenities. Time will tell.

02/25/02 Jamaican Nude Beaches

This was my first legal nude beach experience and the first I attended with my wife. What a gas to go sans suit without the threat of arrest or harassment truly a great time We stayed at Grand Lido Negril one of the finest in Jamaica and I doubt I will find a place that equals this (within my budget). I doubt I will ever vacation again where clothing is required.

For me the best nude beaches include Firefly in Negril, Jamaica. It is small, relaxed, friendly and you just fall in love with it,(also perhaps with a new partner). I stay in hte little cottage right on the beach. It is pure bliss. Another nude beach I love is El Trenc in southern Majorca. I have not sampled accommodation near this beach but hope to when I can tear myself away from Negril.

In 1987 my wife and I were the first persons from Trinidad to visit Sorobon. Understand other Trinidadisns have been there since.

Great place and we were first-time nudists — and black ones at that.

We long to go back.

We were 40 and 35 then. Now we're 54 and 50, but it still doesn't matter.

11/04/01 Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire First time try

In July of 2001, my wife and I visited Bonaire, N.A. We both wanted to learn to windsurf and thought we may try at Jibe City on Lac Bay, Bonaire - because of the layout and facilities lacated there. We were pleased with the experience gained at Jibe City; and were equally pleased with the convenient, next door location of the Sorobon Beach Resort.

Since this was our first experience at a naturist resort, we felt the resort would be excellent for us. We were not disappointed. The facilities at the Sorobon Beach Resort are excellent if you like to get away with your mate to a place where there are no distractions but each other. The resort is clean, remote, quiet, family friendly, laid back and totally relaxing. We heartily recommend the Sorobon for couples wishing to renew their appreciation of the finer things marriage has to offer.

We definitely will be returning to the Sorobon. Bonaire is a beautiful island!

We just returned from Guadaluope on January 6, 2002. We decided to try Guadaloupe after reading about the nude beaches on the island from Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts. Also, that the first nude beach in the western hemisphere was located on the island. Usually this book is on the money but this time it missed.

We had accommodations at Hotel La Toubana. The hotel has many cottages on the hillside overlooking the very small ocean fed pool with a tiny sand beach area. The cottages have a great view. Do not go to this resort expecting American hotel & bed and breakfast standards. The accomodations are rustic. From your cottage you can see the Club Med beach clearly from your patio balcony. (I would suggest staying in cottage #12.) Bring mosquito spray! There are tons of mosquitos all over the island. However, the hotel no longer allows persons to be nude on the tiny sand area next to the ocean fed pool.

So we went to the Club Med Beach only to find that they no longer allow nudity at Club Med beach and have not allowed it in two years. We were so disappointed. We searched the whole Grand Terre Island and there was only one nude beach, Pointe Tarare. In the ocean and the land area there are rocks, rocks and more rocks, with only a very small sandy area to lay out. So everyone is crammed in on top of each other. This beach is only 50 yards wide and the atmosphere is very "unconfortable". The beach is 99% men. Mainly local men who have no hang ups about playing with themselves in full view of everyone all day long! It was just tacky.

The jewel of the island is a restaurant at the entry to Pointe Tarare called "Restauurant Creole Chez Man Michele". The best grilled lobster I've ever had! The sauce was incredible! We were on the island six days. We had dinner in some of the most expensive restaurants on the island. We had only one great meal..... "Restauurant Creole Chez Man Michele".

Nude beach use as described in Lee Baxandall's World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts no longer exists and it is widely discouraged. We won't be going back.

12/18/01 Sandals Royal Caribbean Matt

Wanted to contribute a little bit here. We've benn going to Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay for years. It offers an excellent offshore island with beaches and a swim up pool bar that is fully clothing optional. The rest of the resort isn't but the island is. Great get away or starter area for nude sunbathing. Well, I'm off to look for more places to bathe...

The Hawksbill Beach resort in Antigua is the only beach that legally allows nude sun bathing on the island of Antigua. (This wouldn't have stopped us from shedding our clothes on a number of other beautiful, private beaches, but it made it much easier to fetch a cold Wadadli beer from ou mini fridge. Hawksbill has a fabulous nude beach. It is a short walk from the hotel proper, but well worth the jaunt. Get there early to claim a spot under the trees. The beach is moderately crowded, with a very social, regular crowd. Expect a few textile interlopers on "cruise ship days" Would be happy to share more info.

In the late 80's I discovered Zipolite beach in the state of Oaxaca about 250 miles SE of Acapulco or about 35 miles west of Huatulco. There is a rustic laid back beach here, with several primitive resorts offering rooms with hammocks or for about $30.00 per night a little bit more modern room with A.C.

One of the nice things about this beach is that nudism has been here since the early 70's when a couple from California came down here and started a backpackers resort called Shambala. This place still exists after numerous storms, hurricanes, etc., and the last time I visited was thriving in the relaxed pace of rural Mexico.

This is the kind of place you can get a nice meal for a few dollars, fresh fruit, fish, and later enjoy music on the beach or maybe a card game or chess as the restaurant becomes a meeting place for hitchhikers, backpackers, (many from Europe) and a few adventurer's like myself that drove my convertible from the Midwest.

The laid back atmosphere, and the warmth of the beach plus the natives appreciation for the opportunities from the tourists keeps drawing me back, year after year. You should know a little Spanish to visit here, and you have to drive to Puerto Angel, about 3 Km east to use the international phones, Internet, etc., but this is one place in Mexico you don't have to worry about the Mexican Police.

Sapphire Beach Club, St. Martin, N.A.   B. Brenner Wood 

After several trips to the Caribbean I stopped looking the best place because the islands were so much alike. So, I just said what do "I" want? The answers were great food, nice people, not too crowded and wonderful beaches! Now, where do I get these desires satisfied-St. Martin. But where to stay? Don't ask American Air Lines! They might know how to fly but they don't know resorts. You have to look to see what is advertised then look at the whole list of hotels etc. Compare the list and focus on the facilities not advertising. They don't have too! But on St. Martin there are hotels but there are many more condos and they are a much better value. So one year I spent the whole vacation asking about condos (timeshares) and I found out about the Sapphire Beach Club from a nice couple on the nude beach. He had done his homework. The rest is history. But you can also rent from these facilities by contacting them directly as well as all other condos on the island. So do some research. Now the best beaches on the island-they are all great and too many to write about except for a few. Plus, Caribbean and Island magazines do a great job. My favorites are Orient, Ba Rue, Mullet, Friars, and Dawn. Every beach is topless but only on the French side are there nude bathing locations. So if you like great French food and great beaches you can't beat St. Martin. Have fun! Bruce

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Hedonism III-Runaway Bay in Jamaica   Wild for a Week 

I just came back from Jamaica and I have never in my whole life stayed at a ALL NUDE HOTEL AND BEACH that was ALL INCLUSIVE and very Classy. If you like being NUDE..This is a place for you...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Contact for information.

Hedonism III, Jamaica   Bill 

Just got back from a great week at Hedo III. The resort is tops in the Carribean by far. The only other one on the Island of Jamaica that compares with it is Grand Lido in Negril at twice the price. It is well laid out with a great nude beach, very large nude hot tub and nude swimming pool. Topless is everywhere and after dark complete nudism abounds. There is a "Prude" beach, but it was deserted the entire week we were there. There are 4 resturants with good food. The rooms are designed for lovers. The staff is friendly, but stay out of the way, unlike Negril. We are definitely going back. If you want to jump start your relationship, there's no better place.....and even develop some new ones.

Hedonism II   Kay 

Had a wonderful time at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. We stayed on the nude side (there is a 'prude' side that is a bit more conservative for those that aren't ready to make the naked plunge or want a less expensive room). LOL Loved it... just warn anyone who goes to be careful if they venutre away from the resort. Jamaica is a poor country with hustlers and con artists all over. My fiance was almost mugged outside of the resort because he went fishing alone. The resort itself, though, was FABULOUS!!! What a great vacation!!

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Galley Bay, Antigua   Michael Darwin 

Just got back from Antigua, where I'd been told the only nude beach was the one at the Hawksbill resort. We ended up staying at Galley Bay instead (better reviews), which is on the same stretch of beach but not officially tolerant of C.O. sunbathing. The first good sign was that the literature in the room didn't explicitly say "No nude, no topless," which many hotels do. And sure enough there was a smattering of topless when we got to the beach -- not much, but at least no one seemed to be objecting to what there was. I was a little nervous about going all-out nude, but after a few days of watching the generally laid-back attitude, I decided to try. No problem. The main area was a bit too crowded and conservative-looking, but off to the right of the dining area and the watersports shack the beach was emptier and I had a number of very pleasant skinny-dips. At the far end of the beach, a small rocky hill effectively cuts off a small separate beach, and there I was able to subathe nude with no qualms. Even when a middle-aged female hotel guest (non-nude) came over the rocks and I thought I might get a negative reaction (I am male, incidentally), I didn't: she saw me right away, came down without any hesitation, and except for a few stares in my direction when I got up to take a dip in the ocean, I didn't seem to have generated any reaction at all.

Consider Galley Bay highly recommended for (discrete) nude use.

cupecoy beach (st. maarten)   valerie santoro 

Cupecoy Beach is located on the French side os St. Maarten. The clinate is usually around 80 to 90 degrees. My husband and I own a timeshare share in St. Maarten and we have visited Cupecoy for the past seven years. The beach is ls beautiful with natural pink rock formations forming a wall around this beach. The people are from the US as well as many European countries. I would recommend a vacation here.

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Cayo Largo Cuba   Rodraad 

Cayo Largo is a relaxed resort which allows naturism. Welcome to St. Tropez of the 1950's. It is not a purely naturist resort or beach. However, it's a friendly wonderful little island with outstanding beaches where naturism is perfectly acceptable. The naturism was legally practiced a few minutes walk away from the main hotel beach by the European clientele. The areas, where the majority of the guests stayed the guests were clothed or topless. Moreover, families are more than welcome in Cayo Largo, and by the hotels most people were clothed. Also, of note, the Villa Capricho hotel allows naturism around their resort.

Cayo Largo is not Varadero nor Cayo Coco, nor any other place in Cuba, and travellers should be warned not to expect the service that they receive at other Cuban resorts, let alone other places in the Carribbean. The service at the Hotels is painstankingly slow at all the restauraunts, and the bars, in particular. Often a bar would run out of a particular drink. However, I say just try something new. Moreover, having said that, the generous spirit of the Cuban people shines through and the friendliness of the resort staff is quite evident.

The beaches are amongst the finest I have ever seen in the Caribbean, or the world for that matter. The water is crystal clear and the postcard perfect beaches lulls one into a relaxed nirvana. The sand just melts between your toes. The hotels ofter free transfers to some special beaches. The beaches are not crowded like they are in other resorts and one can quickly find a private place. You can walk for miles and it just keeps getting better. The island, in traditional Cuban form, is absolutely safe.

The food is fine in the context of a nation experiencing some shortages. There was always plenty to eat. One has to make a reservation for the specialty restauraunts early in the morning. Often by 8 am or 9 am the specialty restauraunts were fully booked. As the island is all inclusive, one can visit any of the restauraunts. However, make sure to try the food at the restauraunts on the beach. It's quite tasty. Nightlife. Well, again you are not in Varadero. The staff puts on a little show which they try to involve the guests children and there is one disco.

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