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San Onofre California Nude Beach

Nudity is no longer allowed on this beach.
It was a beautiful place to run naked on the sand.

The Friends of San Onofre and the
Naturist Action Committee
Keep the state from closing to nude use.

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nude beach

Editor's Note - San Onofre is now closed to nude use.

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San Onofre - California Nude Beach

Dear On the Beach: I recently asked you where I could experience a nude beach in Southern California. You recommended San Onofre State Beach near San Clemente.

Thanks for the suggestion. I went to the beach that you recommended. I was not sure where the co part was but I went right to the spot. I walked down trail 6 and went south along the water. I soon noticed a few nude sunbathers and knew I was in the right place. I felt a bit awkward at first because I had my suit on but as soon as I found a spot I took off my shirt and then my trunks.

It was wonderful. I can't explain the feeling of freedom but I am sure you know it well yourself. It was mid-day when I got there so I didn't stay too long. I was afraid of burning previously untanned areas. I had forgotten my sunscreen. There was a volleyball game going on while I was there.

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I watched but couldn't bring my self to play which is a pity. I love volleyball and at 6'5" am pretty good. I think I just wasn't ready for that close of contact. After about 45 minutes I stood and put my shirt on and my trunks back on and headed back to my hotel. I considered going back later!

In the evening but it was such a long walk and I knew that by the time I got there everyone would probably have left. This was my first trip to California but I certainly don't want it to be my last. Thanks again for the info and the suggestion.

I hope to bring my fiancee there sometime. She may not be as open to public nudity as I am but maybe she will keep an open mind and we can enjoy it together.

Free - Naturist Dating.

Directions: Go past San Clemente on the I-5. Take the San Onofre exit. Go into the State Beach. Drive about two miles to Beach Trail #6. Park past the area designated for camping. There are three trails named Trail #6. They all lead down to the beach you want. We always go past the last Trail #6, park near the restrooms, and walk down. It's an easy path. In fact, the trail becomes a road used for official vehicles. When you get to the beach go left. The nude beach begins 300 yards south of the last lifeguard tower.





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