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Dan gives us a great account
of his visit to Grand Lido Braco

My wife and I recently spent some time in Jamaica at Grand Lido Braco, a Super Clubs Resort and it was fantastic. I was asked to do an article for a men's magazine and thought I would share the article here so others could see what Braco is all about. Enyoy the article.

Grand Lido Braco! If there ever was a Garden of Eden, a paradise that would be very hard to describe, you have found Braco. One really has to experienced it to get a real taste for what this resort has to offer.

My wife and I had talked about going to a clothing optional resort for a while but it was done half heartedly with no real attempt to find the perfect place. Last year we decided that we were really going to make it happen. We called our local travel agent and told her of our plan. She had nothing for us and knew nothing about what we wanted.

Looking through The Naturist Society magazine, a magazine that deals solely with the clothing optional lifestyle, I found an ad from Go Classy Tours, out of Palm Harbor, Florida, that spoke of vacations in the Caribbean that offer their guest the freedom of the clothing optional lifestyle. I called their number and spoke with Leslie, one of the travel counselors, She asked what were we looking for, what our interest where, where did we want to go and at what price. I advised her that my wife and I were looking for a resort that welcomed the clothing optional lifestyle, one where we could stay and enjoy the sun and beach and have all of the luxury that one would expect from a fine resort. I also mentioned that price wasn't a big consideration but it was important. I also advised Leslie that this would be our first vacation in the naturist lifestyle.

She mentioned several resorts on the island of Jamaica, giving particular information about each. I asked if she had experienced any of the resorts. Along with her husband, she has been to all of them and each have their own unique strong points. I found her honesty and her willingness to give me straight answers refreshing. The owners of Go Classy are naturist themselves and have been dedicated to the lifestyle for years. Before starting Go Classy, they took groups of people down to Jamaica booking through other travel agencies. Their tours became so popular because of their knowledge, they decided to start their own agency and to promote as many of the clothing optional resorts as possible.

After being mailed the brochures detailing six of the resorts, we settled for Braco. Hedonism III was high on the list but one must be very careful when going there and who will be there during the time you take your vacation. The Hedo resorts cater to all lifestyles, gay or straight, swinger or monogamous. At certain times during the year, the resort will be pretty much all of one and little of the other. Its' primary interest is on sex and fun, which is OK, but the vacationer needs to be aware that there are few limitations at Hedo. It is an adult playground, a "Romper Room" for grownups! If either mate is a bit unsure about the response they may get when going to a resort such as Hedo, Braco is a better choice. That was the main reason for choosing Braco and we were not sorry for our choice.

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Braco offers the vacationer two beach fronts, the "textile" or the clothed side for the conventional vacationer and the other side, the clothing optional, for the more daring. In the language of the lifestyle, the division in the beach fronts is called the prude side and the nude side. Braco is located on a beach front that resembles a boomerang with the center of the boomerang being the center of town. To the right is the prude side and to the left is the nude side. Each side is hidden from the other side. The center is actually a little town, with store fronts that house the various restaurants, health center, disco, souvenir shops, resort reservations and services, bars, fitness center and various other businesses.

The beaches are beautiful. Each side is well groomed, clean and free of liter. There are ample lounge chairs on either side and areas of shade to get out of the tropical sun if needed. Towels are provided by the resort for the beach and pool areas. The resort has created an artificial breaker off of the coast where the big waves break and from that point to the beach, the water is gentle and calm. The nude side is protected from the curious and gawkers by tress, shrubs, foliage, and security personnel. Anyone can come over, but you must be nude or you will be asked to leave. Anyone caught taking pictures without seeking permission of the subjects being photographed will have their film taken or their camera tossed into the ocean. There is food and beverage service by the waitress staff while on the beach. Even though the bar is only seconds away, they come to you to be sure there is nothing you need in the area of food and refreshments. Breakfast can also be served on the beach. The grounds of the resort are impeccable. Everything is clean, manicured and well groomed.


The housing units are large and spacious. All are air conditioned, equipped with ceiling fans and French doors which open to the ocean, with louvered front windows on the pool side that can be opened to allow the ocean breeze to drift lazily through the room at night while listening to the waves break on the shore. It is a perfect atmosphere for lovers of any age. All rooms have a stove and a refrigerator that can be stocked at your request. Whatever beverage you want is yours for the asking. Each room is equipped with one and one half baths, and a balcony where one can sit and dine, or do nothing at all. Meals can also be ordered in the room if desired. Your request is their pleasure!

One of the highlights of Braco is the dining. Every restaurant is exquisite. The food is top shelf and the staff excellent. There is a variety of food that is available that will accommodate every pallet. There is the French restaurant, Piacere a place for intimate dining. Dress code requires a jacket. If you don't have one, you will be supplied with one. There is the La Pasta restaurant, serving Italian cuisine. Again, the food is excellent. Another is the Muna Hana, a Japanese restaurant serving oriental cuisine. This is a real treat for first timer to a Japanese restaurant. Even though the chef's are Jamaican, they are called by Japanese names and the presentation of the food can be called "theater in the kitchen." There is much noise and fanfare in preparation of the food, with each chef serving eight people at a time. On the back side of this restaurant is the sushi bar. Again, the eye was being fed along with the stomach. To see the chef's prepare the food, and the anticipation of being served their little gourmet delights, was all part of the excitement of the evening.


There is the main buffet, Victoria Market, with many different types of food available. Anything that would be served around American tables will be found here. If your pallet desires something that, (and I steal the phrase), "has been taken up a notch," Nanny's Jerk Pit will definitely light your fire. They specialize in Jerk pork and chicken cooked in a Jamaican sauce, and it is delicious. On Friday nights, there is the Street Dinner and Dance. Everything that is served during the week at the many restaurants is brought out on main street and you can eat till you drop.

After the meal, the tables are pushed back and the dancing begins. All restaurants in the Town Square have a dress code of sorts, from formal to casual. There is a club house on the nude side call Pebbles that is open 24 hours a day for light meals and drinks. If you don't feel like getting dressed, you can eat at Pebbles and spend the entire day nude!

As far as amenities, there are many. Both sides of the resort are well equipped to service that particular lifestyle. On the nude side, there is a 250ft swimming pool that meanders around the grounds and becomes the focal point of the nude side. In the pool, there is a swim up bar where one can relax, eat lunch, get a drink and enjoy the company of other vacationers enjoying the sun the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

There are two Jacuzzis located on the nude side as well as on the prude side. The nude side features a 50 person hot tub where many activities take place in the early and late evening hours. There is also a small intimate hot tub located back in the trees where a couple can go to relax and do whatever comes naturally. One must remember however, that nothing is closed off, there are no doors and no gates. If a couple decides that they want to get frisky and do the wild thing, they can expect others to take notice and sometimes even watch!

The activities at Braco are numerous and varied. There is nude tennis, volleyball, water aerobics, swimming and snorkeling. For all, there is also golf, windsurfing, kayaking, offshore SCUBA diving for those qualified, both day and evening diving, deep and shallow dives. There are also lessons available for those who would like to get certified in SCUBA. To work out the kinks, there is a well equipped gym, massages, salt scrubs, manicures and pedicures. Braco also offers many daily excursions to see the island and all of its' natural beauty. Every evening is planned for those looking for more excitement. There are live bands, dances, a plethora of music to suite any taste.

For the first timer, let me add this from personal experience. It's always good to remember that this is an adult community, where anything could, can, and usually does happen, but it's all in fun and everyone is good natured about whatever happens.

Let me share one personal experience. Late one evening, around 11:30pm, there was a knock on our door. My wife and I had just retired for the evening. I got out of bed and went to the door, opened it and jokingly asked, "What is going on out here?" Now picture this scene. Nude side, 11:30 at night, a knock on the door. We're nude. I go to the door nude and open it. The four people on the terrace are from the "other" side, the prude side, and are fully dressed. Of course their eyes went immediately to my mid section. "No, no" I said. "Look up here," as I pointed to my eyes. They realized they were staring. All at once we all broke out laughing. Where else can this happen without any repercussions? No one was offended or upset. I advised them, "If you come to Rome, you had better expect to find Romans."

Let me add here that the resort is not about sex. The clothing optional lifestyle is not about sex. Whatever the mind thinks it is, it is not. There are many themes of entertainment that have sexual overtones and the merriment of the party person is increased by their own overt actions centered on the dress code at these venues. Of course there is sex going on, but not at any of the functions.

The hot tubs are a different story, however. Sex, specifically intercourse, was not allowed outside of the rooms. However, it was neither condemned nor condoned at night. More than one night, we found couples engaged in some sort of sex play in the hot tubs. The thing that surprised us, no one really cared or paid much attention to the happy couple.

If sex is what the individual is mainly looking for, than Hedo II or Hedo III, should be the resort for that individual. As far as the male/female ratio, Braco is basically a couples resort. Singles do come and have connected with someone else but this is the exception, not the rule. Having met several singles, both male and female, both sexes were let down by the small selection from which to choose. It is a place to bring a mate, not to pick one up!

I also would like to point out for those that have never experienced a clothing optional resort, that "size" has nothing to do with anything. The clothing optional lifestyle is all about body acceptance. However God created you, is OK. There are no perfect bodies at Braco, just happy people, content to be in the bodies they are in. You will find that happy people are beautiful people!

Most women would love to look like a Barbie doll, to have that figure. Barbie has never had babies, and time and gravity have no place in the creation of this child idol. Very few women have that that hour glass figure. Whether you are short or tall, skinny or fat, small breasted or big breasted, it does not matter. The men suffer as well as the women. We men want the six-pack abs, the muscular body and we all wish we were hung like John Holms, the porno star. We wish we had that all American, stud muffin image, but we don't! For the most of us, it's all an illusion created by advertisers for the promotion of the many products that promise us that we can be these people if we would just buy this or that product.

Please be at peace with your body. Accept it, it's the only one you will ever have. There is no one who will stare, or make fun or cause you any kind of pain, embarrassment or humiliation. The nude lifestyle has been described by many as a real spiritual experience, an awakening of oneself. You will realize that it's OK to look the way you do. There is nothing one can do to change many of the body characteristics that are genetically controlled unless surgical augmentation is sought as an alternative.

Every person feels a bit intimidated at first but after five minutes, the best part of your life will unfold in front of you. A new life is about to begin and you will meet the greatest people in the world on a nude beach.

The next and final consideration of Braco is the price. Number one, the price is all inclusive. Everything is covered! From the travel to and from the airport, everything used throughout the course of a normal vacation, food, drinks, entertainment, the costumes used for the toga party, tips, it's all paid for. The extra money needed is what you will spend for souvenirs and participating in any of the excursions outside of the resort area.

Depending on where you live, the cost will be upwards of $2500.00 per person with air fare. Whether that is expensive or a bargain depends on one's own financial situation and what one expects from a vacation. I find it comfortable. I could go someplace else for less but I wanted legal nudity, sun, the beach and an all inclusive resort. For this reason, I chose Braco.

Another thing that appealed to us is we didn't have to leave the resort. The entire time of your vacation is planned. We could be as active or laid back as we wanted.

So, if this sounds like the vacation you and your significant other have talked about, joked about or dreamed about, please call Leslie, 800-858-8009, ext. 312 and make it happen this year. You will be glad you did!

I'd be happy to answer your questions. Click on Dan to send me a question.



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