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Apollo Florida Nude Beach

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apollo nude beach

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Apollo Nude Beach - Florida

BeachWizard reports on visit in June 2007

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I wanted to give you a report on Apollo Beach. My wife and I visited Apollo beach 2 times last week (June 11 & 12) and found the nude beach area to be very nice. We had no problems getting a parking spot. There are about 25 spaces at lot 5 and only about half were full. The beach is very nice and there was plenty of room without having to walk real far. We didn't see but maybe 5 or 6 male/female couples either day. There were several single men and a few men/men couples. Nothing uncomfortable at all. My wife enjoyed it as much as I did. Most people stuck to them selves. We were staying in Orlando and if it had not been such a long drive we would have been back at least a couple of other days.

One man told me he had been going there for 25 years. He said he had never had any legal problems with being on the beach since it is Federal property.

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For the textiles, the other parts of the beach are very nice also. We took our teenagers to the beach at lot 1 one day and found it to be very nice. Very few people and the beach and water were great.

Thanks for posting the information so that those of us that enjoy nude beaches can find one.


Click on Apollo Nude Beach for a detailed description of the beach and the official recognition of Apollo as a nude beach by the National Park Service. Thanks must be given to the Naturist Action Committee for their significant role in getting this agreement.


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