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Sorobon - Fabulous Caribbean Nude Resort
Dan Biser

"Unspoiled, unhurried, unclothed, unforgettable." This is how the travel brochure started off. What we discovered was exactly what was contained within these four simple, yet profound words. Sorobon, an Indian name, has no known meaning today. No one knows what secret is hidden within the name of Sorobon. The name came from Indians who once inhabited the island around the year 1515. As different conquerors came to the islands, the native Indians were removed from their homeland and their language died out. Artifacts of their existence is still evident on the island and occasionally, pottery will be unearth to prove to the world that there once was a civilization there.

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One of the most difficult things about this resort is getting there. We came from Beantown, Boston, Massachusetts. The home of Boston Baked Beans, the Red Sox, the Bruins and the Patriots. A town that was never meant to have a winning sports team. Who needs them when you can have the Kennedy's instead? Please!

Our trip begins at 3:30 am as we arise and load our baggage for our trip into Logan International Airport, in Boston. Yes, it was here that the events of 9/11 began to unfold on the world.

We always fly Air Jamaica. Because of it's size, the check-in went very quickly. Next came the line for the metal detectors. Very slow and it seems very confusing for the staff operating the baggage X-ray machines. Alas, we made it through, back to the gate and we wait for 2 1/2 hours for our flight. We did find one small reprieve, however. The powers that be have put in a Dunkin Donuts in the gate area. Once through the metal detectors, there was now no reason to leave the area.


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We finally boarded and got on our way, next stop Montego Bay, Jamaica. The trip is approximately 4 hrs, 50 mins. All went well, then we make a connection at Montego Bay into Bonaire. Montego Bay is the hub for Air Jamaica. If a plane is late coming into Montego Bay, all of the connecting planes must wait. A plane coming in from Baltimore was late. Everyone was waiting, finally, overdue for an hour, it did land and the people disbursed to their awaiting connections. Our plane loaded and headed for Bonaire. Next comes the time change, putting us ahead another hour and we finally land at Flamingo Airport, Bonaire at 5 PM. We were supposed to call the Resort upon our arrival. The pay phones in Bonaire don't take American currency. We are now in the Dutch Antilles and Dutch currency is now needed. I went to the airport bar and spoke with the bar tender and he made the call for me, without me even asking. Evidently, he has done this many times before. We were told to wait in front and someone would be picking us up. Ten minutes later, a cab pulls up and inquires as to our destination and said "Hop in, I'm your ride." And away we go.

On our way to Sorobon, the driver asked if we have ever been to Sorobon before. Having said no, he tells us that this resort is perhaps the most laid back and relaxing resort on the entire Island. We later discovered that his comment was absolutely true.

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We get to the resort, check in, and go to our room. I never thought much about the accommodations before we arrived. There is no air conditioning in the rooms. When we opened the door to our chalet, it was hot inside. "Whew," I said, let's turn the AC on. There was no AC to turn on. I was a bit disappointed to say the least but we opened all the windows and left the main door open and within a couple of minutes the place had cooled down tremendously. It was very comfortable!

We went to the dining room for supper, and immediately we began to meet the residents of Sorobon. Now, this isn't a five star resort like the Super Clubs we were familiar with in Jamaica, but the food was good, somewhat limited, but yet, very adequate. We couldn't complain. There was a bar for beverages and ample room for the guest to gather and to discuss whatever was on their minds.

Breakfast and lunch could be eaten without reservations. For dinner, reservations had to be made or you might not find any food left, as the chef prepares only what he has orders for and not much else. Many of the guest take the shopping bus, which leaves Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, into the local super market were groceries are purchased for preparation in the kitchenettes in the chalets. This was a great way to meet other folks also as many pot luck meals were prepared by the guest. While on the topic of food, one must remember that everything that is consumed on this island, has been brought in. There isn't one thing that is grown on the island of Bonaire. Like Aruba and Cruce, the Island is made up of coral and volcanic rock. Plant life is limited to cactus and Divi trees. Iguanas, donkeys, and small goats roam freely and probably are consumed by the locals as a food source. Water is supplied by the ocean, with every drop desalinated. Water is expensive for any of the resorts to purchase and they ask you to please not waste it. Food is very expensive due to the expense of getting it there.

Free - Naturist Dating.

As citizens living in a land of plenty, we must keep in mind that sometimes supplies run short and alternate plans must be implemented. One must remind themselves to relax, to enjoy the vacation, and to remember that you are a guest on their island and that the time is now island time. Meaning, there isn't a need to rush around, getting loud or abusive, in order to get something done. Problems will be resolved but on "Island time," not American time. People who make demands of island personnel will be disappointed with results if demanding attitudes are put upon these people. Most of the time, they cannot help you anyway. I say this because of several people we were traveling with lost their luggage. Their luggage was taken off in Montego Bay. The next plane into Bonaire is on Wednesday. This was Sunday. Air Jamaica certainly wasn't going to sent a plane down with only bags on it. You will wait until Wednesday at which time your bags can be picked up at the airport.

The weather in Bonaire is like your typical Caribbean weather. Strong westerly breezes keeps the island cool and livable. At night, a sheet or light blanket is needed to keep warm. During this time of year, you can expect a daily rain lasting only for few minutes and then it is over for the day. The days are partly sunning with clouds being the norm. The tanning factor however doesn't diminish much if at all. A great all over tan can be had by those who have the patience to lay out and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Sorobon has very few amenities. There is no pool, no hot tub, no TV, no radio, no nothing. There is a computer in the main office and a TV if one is absolutely needed. This resort is to take you away from all of that and to get you to relax, to focus on something other than business and profit margins. If you don't like to swim, snorkel, SCUBA, sunbathe, or read, don't come to Sorobon. You will be greatly disappointed. The resort is away from the main city, and there isn't to much around it. It's a resort to let go, to unwind, to relax and to take your spouse and to be newlyweds again.

There are two families to a chalet. Your peace and quiet is directly related to your next door neighbor, as theirs is to you. We never heard a negative comment from anyone there about their neighbor. But again, there is nothing allowed in the rooms, as in TV's or radios.

The beach is hand raked every day and is very nice. There is a lot of coral deposits on the beach and some can be a little painful on the feet if stepped on incorrectly. Having said that, we never wore beach shoes and never had a problem. In the bay itself, if you aren't in snorkel gear, shoes of some sort would be a great help, especially out by the reef.

The dress code of Sorobon is there isn't one. It is truly a naturist resort. As soon as you get within the confines of the facility, your clothes can come off and you never need to put them on again until the day you leave. Proper nude etiquette is followed, bringing a towel to sit on in the dining and bar area. On the beach, the rule is you will be, no exceptions, nude. In the dining and bar area, clothes are acceptable but not necessary. Some of the men and women wear pareos, many come nude. It's whatever feels good to you.

The staff at Sorobon is excellent. They have come from Holland and Germany and were raised in naturist families and are totally comfortable with the naturist lifestyle. The many folks that supply services to the resort are also very comfortable with nudity. There was never an embarrassing moment that we witnessed while guest at the resort. There were several day visitors who came in to experience the freedom of naturism and some of them were a bit apprehensive about what they were doing but a friendly hello and a quick conversation with these folks helped to put them at ease and within a very short time, there lives, hopefully, were forever changed by those of us who would take the time to make them feel welcome.

After staying at Sorobon for a week, we really fell in love with the peace and quiet this resort has to offer. There are some things that I would recommend to the owner of the resort. A hot tub, for starters, is a great way to end the day and to get to know the rest of the resort community. Prices for meals are high but not ridiculous. Drinks from the bar were a bit outrageous, but again, a trip to the supermarket took care of these expenses.

For anyone on a budget, who wants to experience naturism at it's best, Sorobon will fulfill that wish. As we have found out, the time it takes to get there is worth the trip. Enjoy!

Sincerely, Dan and Sarah Biser

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