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Polo Beach - Oahu

I am a Native American, Plains Indian who recently moved to Hawaii. I searched the internet, after learning in April 2003 that my partner and I had 5 weeks to pack up and move to Oahu. Our plan was to move to Maui, but sidetracked was by another offer of transfer. As I heard Oahu was the most populated of the islands of Hawaii, I was concerned we could not sunbath and swim in the nude.

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Searching the Internet, we read Don's article in this web site about Polo beach on the North Shore of Oahu. We looked on every map, but could find no listing of a Polo Beach. We eventually went to the north shore in serach of Polo Beach and finally found a couple of local ladies who could tell us where the beach was located.

To our surprise, even on weekends we were free to swim and sunbathe in the nude. As my girlfriend and I are completely shaved, and quite attractive, we have to be careful where we take our clothes off.

The nude beach is just before Polo Beach, you can see the cars parked in the
grass on both sides of the road just before Polo. Polo itself is private, but the beach and public access just before are public. Always leave your vehicle either unlocked, or windows and convertible top down. We drive our 40K new sports car there and haven't had a problem.

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Another piece of advice, instead of walking in on the main beach
access, park your car just past the bridge, the route is shorter and from the crest of the beach, depending on where you park, you can view your car or hear the alarm if it sounds.

When you enter the public right of way, If you are gay, I suggest going right all the way. If you're a couple then I suggest staying to the left, for you will find others just like you. Watch out for the occasional as I say, "bushwhacker," for every nudist beach has them. Stay by or near others who are like you. The gays pretty much are only looking for others like themselves, but will sometimes sit by a lone male. They're not a bother to a single female or couple.

The swimming is great, no jellyfish and the cove is protected by a fantastic reef with little or no current. Even a novice swimmer will feel safe here, which is amazing for the North Shore of Oahu. The sand is also fantastic and as long as you don't walk out to the road nude, you will be 100% ok for nude sunbathing.

When you are done sunbathing, head down the road past Polo Beach, where they play Polo on Sundays, and within 2-3 minutes, you will be at a state park where you can camp for free 7 days a week and use the shower and bathroom. I have found this place to be incredible.

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Remember to be always Aloha, being friendly, but you don't need to invite them into your camp and they will watch out for you. When you finish your trip, if you have left overs, or extra ice, etc. Offer it to those who are camping and you will find your next stay even better.

Just yesterday, my beautiful angel and I enjoyed the beach, even though maybe over a 100 individuals were enjoying the ocean and the beach, we were in our regular spot and had almost 200 yards to ourselves.

As we entered late, normally I like to be there by myself between 7am-9am, for generally it's only me and some of the locals who watch the beach daily. Yesterday, we arrived around 12pm.

Tina was hit by the most awesome wave, broke right over her head, 25-30 yard out, and if she hadn't dove into it, she would have been crushed. We love that cove, yet as it's winter now, we must be just a little more wary. The benefit is no current, for the novice swimmer as long as they ask a local, they will be 100% ok.

Just friendly words. I normally tell my angel, we won't stay late watching the sunset, for the beach generally clears around 4pm and those who wish to conduct themselves in what I consider not appropriate behavior, take over. Yesterday as we got there late, we stayed later. Again, my instincts were correct. Two couples on the main beach were engaging in show and tell, and another two single males headed into the forest. To Tina's surprise, they were having sex. Had they shown a little more discretion, it would have been 100% ok.

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Only 1 Hawaiian family with two little girls, who were all clothed were on the beach yesterday. We asked permission before we set up our location. As I like, other responsible nudists, wish never to offend, just to enjoy the sun, good company and swim as God made us.


(Editor's note) - It's open sexual behavior that makes some people want to shut down beaches where there is nudity. You should be aware that there are no "legal" nude beaches in Hawaii. On some beaches, like this one, nudity is tolerated by the officials but only so long as users of the beach behave in a responsible manner. That means no sexual activity on the beach.



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