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The Mexican Riviera Still Has Someplaces
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Feb 2014
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Sounds like fun doesnít it? Running naked on the sand on some deserted Mexican Riviera beach. Twenty years ago you could get nude on most any beach south of Cancun. Just get away from the mega resorts and you had the beach to yourself. Sadly, itís not true anymore that you can get naked on just any beach. However, Iím here to tell you that the getting nude option still exists. Yes, yes. I know about Desire and Hidden Beach. Mega resorts with lots of people, lots of food & drink, and of course you pay big time for this. No, Iím here to tell you about a hidden, yet to be really discovered, jewel in the jungle.

When we found Mak Nuk Village, now Intima Resort , and stepped through the beautiful wood doors we felt like we had entered an enchanted world. Like the ancient cities of the Maya, Intima Resort is tucked away in the jungle near Tulum waiting for you to discover its magical presence. This clothing optional condo hotel opened its beautiful doors in the fall of 2013.

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If you decide to go there, be sure that you have good directions. Street signs in Tulum are not reliable. Google Street View is a good tool to use to see what the intersection looks like where you will be turning off the main street.

So, come along with us. I turn our rental car, a sweet little Fiat Panda that we rented at the airport in Cancun, onto the side street. I drive down the road with dense jungle on either side, turn onto a dirt road and there, like a white palace, is Intima Resort. Passing through those beautiful wood doors we are met by Gabriele. With a huge smile she welcomes us. Instantly, we know from the view of the free form pool, the curves and angles of the gleaming white architecture, the tropical foliage that we are in a new world.

Mexican Riviera nude resort

Iíll pause here for a minute to give you some basics about Intima Resort. It was built by Chrissy and Mike Hopson as a clothing optional condo hotel. Though it opened in the fall of 2013, improvements are still being made. There are 21 condo units. The owners of the units put the units in a rental pool to be made available to people like you and I. As a renter you enjoy the amenities of a hotel with maid service, a swim up bar, and weekly BBQs. There is 24 hour security.

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Gabriele showed us to our room. It's large with a California king bed, dressers and seating area. Outside is our private patio with our own swim up estuary that leads to the free form pool.? While we are getting acclimatized our next door neighbor,Kathy, stops by to welcome us to Intima Resort. Kathy and Roger are owners. Their primary residence is in Minnesota, but they spend the winter months here. They were a a great resource for us during our stay. What should we see?Where should we eat? Does and doníts. We had coffee with these gracious people almost every morning.

The shower and toilet area have a Swedish modern feel. Later we learned that the co developer and †architect is Swedish, and her son hand crafted the hardwood furniture and doors and windows. ?

Itís Super Bowl Sunday. We strip off our clothes, shower, step into our private swim up estuary and swim over to the dining area to eat and watch the game. Staff take our orders for ribs or burgers and drinks. All at a very reasonable price and very tasty. Chrissy is a wonderful hostess making sure that everyone is having a good time. Of course, if you are a Broncos fan you get your pleasure from the ribs and drinks, not the game. What is the dress code for the dining area? Clothed. Partially clothed. Not clothed. Itís your option. There are 12 of us watching the game. Some people are fully dressed, some partially dressed, some nude. Thatís what I love about clothing optional; you choose how clothed you want to be. The game over, with full tummies, we go back to our room. The bed is every bit as comfortable as our bed at home. We sleep great.

Online Nudist Dating
Free to register and share hundreds of thousands of nudists and naturists' experiences on nudist camps, nudist photos, nudist beach, nudist gallery, videos, nudist books and travel.

In the morning we do yoga on the grass by the edge of the pool. Next, coffee with Kathy and Roger. Then we get into our rental car and go into town for breakfast. Itís true that there are several kinds of public transportation available in Tulum. We, however, value our time and our freedom. A car gives us that. We can go where we want when we want. The rate was very reasonable. $515 for two weeks with full coverage. There is a lot to see and do in and around Tulum. In the evenings we love hanging out it town. Again, the car makes it easy for us to do that on our time schedule.

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On our 2nd evening we buy beer and pizza at the local supermarket, Chadraui. Which by the way is like a small WalMart. We loved shopping there. Great bakery. Back at Intima Resort we eat our beer and pizza on our own private patio by the side of our private swim up estuary. Every day when we return to our nude sanctuary in the jungle we comment to each other on what a transforming experience it is. You walk through those doors, you shed your clothes, youíre in another world.

Let me digress here for a minute and tell you a few impressions of Tulum. The service people both at Intima Resort and in Tulum are wonderful. They are friendly, helpful, and most speak enough English that we can communicate. We feel very safe. There is a strong police presence. The police are making sure that Tulum remains a safe place for the tourists. We are very comfortable walking around central Tulum at night. Being that this is a tropical area and that the town is surrounded by jungle, we expected lots of insects. I didnít see a single mosquito. Maybe in the rainy season theyíll come out.

How about the nude beach? There are no resorts in the Tulum area with a nude beach. There are no nude beaches in the developed areas. What Intima Resort has done is acquire the rights to use a section of beach in the Sian Kaían Biosphere Reserve. †Here there are miles of beach with nary a soul on it. Intima Resort offers a van to take their guests out to the nude beach. While there you can enjoy cold drinks and a lunch. ?Being on the beach there I was reminded of an article we published some years ago -ĒSand in my shorts.Ē It was †about a womanís visit to Tulum. Well there was no sand in our shorts today. No shorts. After a couple of hours in the sun we go back into the shade of the palm trees. Around 12:30 P.M. we take the van back to Intima Resort. We couldíve stayed longer. The van makes a beach run every 2 hours or so. However, weíd had our fill of sun. We are ready to return to the seclusion and tranquil beauty of our clothing optional hideaway.

Kathy asked us if we were going to the beach again. We told her that we had other things to do. She said,ĒYouíre not beach people?Ē I replied, ďWe are beach people. Pat grew up on the beach in Southern California. I grew up near the beach. Many of our dates were on the beach. Though we donít live near the beach now, we do live in California and spend many days each year at the beach. So, though the beach here is beautiful, thereís more for us to see and do around here.Ē ?

If thereís enough interest, you can schedule a nude cruise on the Caribbean on a catamaran. We chose not to go because my wife gets seasick. The people who did go said they had the time of their lives. The BBQ lunch was excellent as well as the snorkeling in a bay. Roger told me that he had been out many times and this was the best. The cruise breaks for a BBQ on a secluded beach and snorkeling in the warm clear ?waters of the Caribbean. How about a nude swim in a cenote? The Yucatan peninsula is composed of limestone. Beneath the surface are underground caverns filled with water. Throughout the region there are openings to these underground caverns. Think of Carlsbad Caverns filled with crystal clear water and an opening to the surface where you can dive into the water. Thatís a cenote. Intima Resort makes it possible you to visit and swim nude in a cenote. ? Thatís something that only guests of Intima Resort can do.

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We spend our days visiting Mayan ruins, snorkeling, exploring dirt roads that lead off the main highway to beautiful secluded bays and hanging out in vibrant Tulum. In the late afternoons we return to Intima Resort to enjoy nude swims and soaking in the hot tub. Then we go out to dinner in Tulum. One night we saw a wonderful flamenco performance along with our dinner. Then back for another nude swim before going to bed.

Another option for you at Intima Resort is to have a nude massage by the sweet and expert masseuse, Gabriele. Sheís that smiling lady who greeted us when we crossed the threshold into this magical place. This is a massage without the cumbersome towel that is typically placed over your lower body. No towel here. You get to experience a wonderful massage without any textile covering.?

One of the many things that we enjoy about Intima Resort is the ability to engage others at the bar, in the hot tub or around the pool. Or, you can opt for privacy.? If you donít want to socialize, go back to your private patio and swim up estuary. After six nude days at Intima Resort we pack up and head to Chichen Itza for a couple of days before heading back to California. We are sad to leave the wonderful people and this place of peace and tranquility. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Keep in mind that the Intima Resort is under new management. I don't know how things are there now.

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South of Tulum, about 3 hours, is Playa Sonrisa. By way of introduction Playa Sonrisa ("Smile Beach" - Where all you need is your Smile!) is a couples clothing optional paradise located on the Costa Maya. They've been providing a beautiful, private & tranquil setting for dedicated Nudists, opportunistic Naturists, and tentative first-timers for over 14 years and have built a solid & highly rated reputation in the nude marketplace. Cindy and Murph have a wonderful base of return clients. They started Playa Sonrisa in recognition of the fact that the world needs more places to be naked, not fewer.

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